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Purus Labs D-Pol: Is this the best option?

Purus Labs D-Pol: Is this the best option?

by menlivehealthyJuly 1, 2016

No-one wants to purchase a placebo when buying supplements. If there is a specific goal that you are trying to achieve then you want to know that the product is going to work – and does a good job or even better – the best job possible!

It is a nightmare wasting time and money sifting through all the different available products as there are so many to get through you could spend forever attempting to find the right one.

We have put together information based on real clinical testing combined with expert knowledge and research to generate reviews on products, which you can trust. There is no need to get frustrated! All the facts are here!

Product purpose

Helps in gain muscle

The testosterone booster Purus Labs D-Pol promises to increase the male hormone and allow you to experience an optimised sex drive.

When combined with exercise you are to be able to gain muscle and bulk out your body the way you wish. The impact is supposed to take place instantly and you should rapidly feel a difference energy wise and to the power of your endurance.


A combination of Vitamins D3, B6, B9 and Vitamin B12 working together with D-Aspartic and L-Aspartic Acid means that this formula consists of safe to consume substances and doesn’t use any potentially harmful artificial components. It is also stimulant-free!

The blend of vitamins is there to ensure that the normal functions of the body are optimized ad also make improvements to things like the nervous system and nervous tissues, neuromuscular system and metabolism.

Working tandem to regulate the release of testosterone into the body are the two acids D-Aspartic and L-Aspartic.


The price is not that impressive when you are paying $33.99 for a bottle that only contains a month’s supply. You are also expected to be able to consume three of the substantially big and chalky pills per day, which for those who struggle to swallow tablets – this is not going to be easy.


Testosterone booster

At the end of the day, if I wanted to take vitamins then I would just buy and take vitamins! However, boosting testosterone is going to take more than that and I would expect to see more potent substances such as natural extracts of either Tongkat Ali or Horny Goat Weed (or both).

The supplement that does just that is Xtreme Testosterone and does just that! The generous price of $19.95 also makes the leading brand hard to resist.

When the time comes to take the sex drive to an extreme level, I would splash out on Biomanix at $59.95, which uses an advanced formula that not only allows you to receive outstanding and strong sexual sensations but also makes your penis fuller and bigger.

Studies have seen thousands of men (and their women) end up bursting with sexual confidence and satisfaction from growing the extra inches in both length as well as girth! Now who can complain at that?

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