Raging Lion Male Enhancement Supplement Review: Is it Effective?

Raging Lion Male Enhancement Supplement Summary

Raging Lion is touted as a supplement which can intensify orgasm; improve erections; and boost the libido. It is said to expand penis size; enhance firmness; and prolong endurance.

The company further asserts that it will reduce recovery time; incite sexual desire; and increase sex life quality. This investigation is to determine the validity of these claims.

Raging Lion Male Enhancement Supplement Ingredients and Functions

Raging Lion Male Enhancement Supplement IngredientsPumpkin seeds contain a group of vitamins which nurture libido health. They are also known to be high in zinc and omega 3-s. Zinc supports prostate health and these omega 3-s promote the function of prostaglandins to spur sexual desire.

Catuaba is obtained from the bark of a Brazilian tree and it has a firm place in history as well. It can help you increase your stamina and boost your libido. It is said to simulate your nervous system and raise your energy levels.

Cayenne Pepper, also known as capsicum, offers a wide selection of vitamins and minerals. Its cardio-protective properties increase stamina and heighten endurance. Capsicum also enhances circulation through the body and streamlines blood flow to the penis.

Oyster extract provides a great deal of zinc which is a standalone component in this formula. Low levels of zinc have been linked to reduced testosterone and increased estrogen.

Orchic substance is extracted from the testes of young bulls and is a very popular male health supplement additive. These range from testosterone boosters for improving sexual performance to increasing gains at the gym. Orchic extract is said to increase testosterone levels. Testosterone enhances the libido, intensifies stamina, and amplifies endurance.

Ginseng blends have been proven to boost nitric oxide levels which provides a wide range of health benefits. This combination functions as a vasodilator to promote circulation; support arterial health; and enhance nutrient delivery. It also elevates testosterone; incites its production; and monitors levels.

Astragalus has been used in traditional Asian medicine for centuries to promote the circulatory system; improve energy; reduce blood pressure; and regulate hormone levels.

Raging Lion Male Enhancement Supplement Dosage

The package directs customers to consume two capsules every day and warns against exceeding this amount.

Raging Lion Male Enhancement Supplement Pros and Cons

Increase sexual performance

Raging Lion Male Enhancement Supplement Pros

This manufacturer offers a free 10-day trial of its formula.

The company provides a 30-day money back guarantee.

Raging Lion Male Enhancement Supplement Cons

The free trial actually costs $7.

Requesting the trial is consent to enrollment in an auto-bill program for $150 per month.

Only unopened bottles are accepted for refunds.

Customers are responsible for all shipping fees.

The company says the product must be consumed for three months to achieve max results.

This product carries a medication interaction warning.

Raging Lion Male Enhancement Supplement Shop Spot

This product may be ordered through the company website. The trial is $7 and its acceptance is an agreement to be billed every month at a rate of $150.

Raging Lion Male Enhancement Supplement Conclusion

This is a foolhardy purchase decision. It involves auto-billing for a supplement which is ridiculously priced.

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