by Wyatt Beatrix


When in a relationship, it just comes naturally to vibe sexually with your partner. The kissing comes naturally – it’s a sphere that needs no learning as sexual instincts just kick in.


Slow down, it’s cute when you kiss but has it ever occurred to you that kissing could be detrimental to your health and wellbeing? Yes! You can be infected with certain diseases from an infected person when you kiss them.


You actually can vouch for yourself but what about your partner?  You never can tell if they are faithful to you; you never can tell if they don’t have multiple sex partners or if they don’t have terrible illnesses lurking in their bodies while they put up the pretense.


Quickly, this piece will let you know why you should always give it a second thought before engaging your lips for that sexual fun fare all in the name of dating or relationships. It’s not worth it for you to jeopardize your good life just because of your carelessness.


Let’s quickly see what kissing entails


Kissing: what is it?


In the romantic context which this article centers on, kissing entails pressing your lips against that of the opposite sex or sexual partner just to express sentiments of love, amorous feeling, or sexual inclinations. It serves as the conduit to other kinds of romantic activities such as cuddling, romance, and sex.

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Here are some of the things that kissing can expose you too medically:


You can contract the cytomegalovirus through kissing


If your partner has this virus, you could get it too by rubbing lips together. Although the virus is not benign to healthy people, for people with an acute medical history, it could spell hell. What’s more, there is no cure for this virus infection. Once you catch it, it stays with you forever. God help you if you develop a chronic illness in the process, CMV    could lead to acute complications.


You can be infected with a cold sore


This is another disease that you can contract through kissing. If you kiss anyone with a cold sore, you will be infected. There are no two ways about it.  Lifelong viruses such as the Herpes Simplex virus type 1 can also be contracted through a kiss. It’s not until you necessarily have unprotected sexual intercourse with your partner that you can be predisposed to certain diseases. Some chronic lifelong infections subtly enter into your life through kissing and cold sore happens to be one.


What about gum disease?


Yours truly, you could begin to nurse periodontitis or gingivitis after you contact it orally during your kissing spree. Periodontitis is a serious gum infection that is capable of damaging the gum and destroying the jaw bone. One particular characteristic of this is that it can disfigure your mouth. Gingivitis, on the other hand, causes inflammation of the gums. It is mostly caused by unhealthy oral hygiene. So, if you want to protect yourself against these two unpleasant gum diseases, refrain from kissing.



Mononucleosis is transmittable through kissing

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This disease is caused by the Epstein-Barr Virus (EPV). it is also associated with saliva, no wonder it is tagged “the kissing disease.” You can contract this disease by kissing an infected person. Some of the symptoms of mononucleosis include fatigue, sore throat, swollen lymphatic glands, fever, and muscle sickness. Facts have it that there’s no treatment for mononucleosis however, it can only be managed with OTC (over-the-counter) medications.


Syphilis is not an exemption


This deadly disease is not only contracted through sexual intercourse; it is transmissible through kissing too. One of the serious concerns about this disease is that it is not easily diagnosable meaning, it can linger in the body for a very long time before it is discovered. Syphilis is capable of wrecking one’s dream of becoming anything meaningful in life. Hence, the need to keep your lips close or open them to only your partner whose medical history is known to you.


You can be exposed to HIV


This incurable virus can also be contracted through lips rubbing with an infected partner. Especially when both of them have mouth injuries. Blood can be exchanged and the virus too in the process.


This is not to scare you about your kissing at all. Of course, you can go about kissing but ensure that it’s safe. Take the following precaution before kissing:


  • Ensure that you do not kiss someone you don’t know


  • Don’t kiss a sick partner intimately


  • Maintain good oral hygiene


  • Go for regular and periodic check-ups


  • Vaccinate yourself against possible STIs



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