Reducing Your Stress Increases Lifespan, Research Suggests

A study emerged recently that showed that up to 60% of all Americans live with daily stress that is equal or greater to the level that exceeds the healthy amount. Stress is hard to measure, but you can actually see its mental impact if you study it long enough.

Researchers have long been studying the effects of working too hard and not having enough free time to yourself, and this results in more wrinkles, more anxiety, more depression, and a severe and almost clinical state of denial.

When you’re stressed out, the whole world can feeling like it’s caving in on you. This feeling never goes away, and it just piles and piles up on you, almost like a ton of books being piled on top of you.

If you know this feeling all too well, you’re the kind of person who should be heeding this warning.

Stop whatever is causing you stress right now. Do it now!

If work is causing you stress, and this is true for 50% of Americans, you need to find some ways to cure this obsession with working yourself to death. Everyone needs money, but you can actually stop the stress in its tracks by using some great techniques.

Use a Stress Ball

This little ball of magic isn’t just there to make some guy rich, it’s there to reduce your stress level, at least temporary. But even temporary relief from stress has been shown to significantly raise your quality of life and allow you to live much longer.

When you’re not as stressed, your organs aren’t working as hard, your brain isn’t working as hard, and you’re more relaxed. Relaxation is the key to maintaining optimal health.

Using this stress ball will work wonders for you.

Change Your Diet

It has been suggested that changing your diet to something completely different can actually help reduce the stress you have in your life. Not only will reducing your sodium and fat intake allow your body to repair itself and get its serotonin levels back to normal, but you’ll be healthier at the same time.

Of this sounds too hard for you to do, do you want to live longer? Of course you do!

Start going to the store more often, and only shop for natural and organic foods that are low in crap you don’t want. These foods will be high in essential vitamins and nutrients, and your stress will melt away.

These tips will help you succeed. Enjoy being stress free!

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