A Review of Evo Brain Pill: Is this Product the Real Deal?

General Idea

This new nootropic in the market says that it makes use of natural ingredients to bring greater brain functions, such as enhanced focus and developed memory. With the propagation of brain supplements in the industry, it is not surprising that another one in the form of Evo Brain Pill will come along.

All things considered, can Evo Brain Pill really make a difference? Among other brain supplements available, how is this product any different? For one, it is claimed that Evo Brain Pill is the #1 focus supplement for 2014. Does this have any weight on anyone? Read on to find out.

Evo Brain Pill Formula Ingredients

shutterstock_126766466Same with NATUREBEE Potentiated Bee Pollen, Evo Brain Pill’s key component is purely natural Royal Bee Pollen with the inclusion of other various components, such as:

Thiamin 40mg
Niacin 25mg
Vitamin B6 500mcg
Vitamin B5 30mg
Bee Pollen 400mg
Caffeine 75mg
And Many Others
Important note: There’s a text beside Evo Brain Pill’s label referencing to another ingredient called Meclofenoxate, however, this said ingredient cannot be seen or found on the label.

On the other hand, the manufacturer of Evo Brain Pill asserts that this product is an outcome of more than five decades of study. Apart from this, the company behind this supplement also claims that they have the most dynamic system in terms of selection the right components and the blend in all of the supplement industry. Essentially, it is asserted that Evo Brain Pill can bring the following results:

More excellent focus
Magnified short and long-term memory recall
Intense energy
Greater overall mood
Increased IQ
Excellent cognitive capabilities
Furthermore, this supplement comes in capsulated form. It features formula that triggers immediate release, which then results to the faster visibility of results. Lastly, each dose is equal to 2 capsules.

Evo Brain Pill Rate & Refund Guidelines

This particular nootropic can only be purchased from the manufacturer’s site. The rates are as follows:

1-Month Supply: $39.95
2-Month Supply: $64.95
3-Month Supply: $89.95
The product’s site declares that order will be delivered the same day, so as long as it is received by 5 in the afternoon.

Evo Brain Pill is also available with a refund that can last up to 30 days from the date of the product’s purchase. The 30-day money back guarantee does not include the shipping and handling charges, though, as well as the restocking charge of $5. Based on Evo Brain Pill’s Terms of Use, you have to call 866-305-6665 if you’re a first time buyer who wants a refund. This is to get a Return Merchandise Authorization number.

Evo Brain Pill in Producing Results

We think that Evo Brain Pill is unlikely to produce ideal results because of the reasons stated below:

The Alleged 50 Years of Study

shutterstock_384995473The company behind Evo Brain Pill claims they spend five decades being devoted to the research of this product. This is great as long as there’s a proof of this, which obviously the website doesn’t provide. Also, the official site claims that Evo Brain Pill was 2014’s Top 1 Focus Supplement, but again there’s no proof of that. This sounds more like a marketing gimmick to mislead people. Though the website stated a few studies, these studies were about the components of the product and not the product itself.

The Product Website

Evo Brain Pill’s official site is not convenient. It is updated and challenging to navigate thoroughly. We needed to see a label and ingredients’ list and we had to do the search outside the website to be able to see what we are looking for. Nonetheless, many professional and user-based feedbacks concurred that there is nothing in Evo Brain Pill that has been proven to increase mental functions or support cognitive wellness in general. Of course, most people concluded Evo Brain Pill’s capacities were exaggerated to mislead and trick people into buying the product.

Consumer Feedbacks/Testimonials

In addition, the customer reviews for Evo Brain Pill on various sites are not very optimistic. Users mostly grumble about the product’s lack or absence of effectiveness rather. It is also important to note that the product’s manufacturer Innovated Health LCC has F rating with the Better Business Bureau. This is primarily because the company garnered 12 closed complaints in the last 3 years and it did nothing about these complaints. These complaints were mostly about failure to give out refunds, inefficient customer service and shipping failures.

Are there Public Endorsements?

The product site says that Evo Brain Pill has been featured on channels like NBC, USA Today and CNNHealth. This is vague considering there are no links for us to see the said features. This is another sign that this is a marketing scheme with the aim of misleading people. To avoid getting into such tricks, read 6 Ways to Spot a Scam Website in Less than 30 Seconds by HighYa.

Allergies to Pollen

Evo Brain Pill’s most crucial component is bee pollen, thus if you have allergies to this ingredient, this brain supplement is apparently not apt for you. On the other hand, there’s also no proof that bee pollen can stimulate or promote health advantages, specifically the ones that benefits the brain. Generally speaking, consult with your doctor before taking any kind of supplement just to be sure that you’re not risking your health for components that are actually not good for you.

Evo Brain Pill Summation

Positive customer reviews and a company’s solid reputation, these are just two of the important aspects one should consider when choosing what health supplements to buy. Unfortunately, Evo Brain Pill does not have both. The manufacturer of this supplement also fails to support its claims of effectiveness. Everything in this product seems to be just words, really. No proofs or anything.

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