A Review of IntraMAX: Is this Product for Real?

General Idea


IntraMAX is composed of more than 400 healthy components that work hand in hand to give you sufficient nutrients that your body needs to be generally healthy. Some nutrients here are vitamins, minerals, fiber and enzymes that not only improve your body’s systems, but also serve as a remedy to issues like male enhancement. IntraMAX is actually more than a multi-vitamin because it has trace minerals and fiber that can support weight loss management. This is possible with IntraMAX by appetite manipulation and providing the feeling of being satisfied for a long time that you don’t crave for food often. Of course, the ingredients in this product are all natural, so there’s no health risks involved.

Learning More About IntraMAX

It is a creation of Drucker Labs, a company that is known for making other natural health products that aim to provide healthy solutions to everyone. IntraMAX tastes amazing with its Peach Mango flavoring.

The Active Components in IntraMAX

Providing the list for IntraMAX’s ingredients would seem endless as there are too many of them. So, here are just some of them as listed on the product’s official site:

59 Herbs
35 Fruits
26 Fibers
Aloe Vera
Fulvic Acid
16 Probiotics
27 Vegetables
12 Carotenoids
20 Amino Acids
38 Essential Oils
154 Antioxidents
119 Bioflavonoids
8 Essential Sugars
8 Protein Minerals
12 Macro Minerals
80 Vitamin Sources
14 Seeds and Sprouts
16 Digestive Enzymes
33 Super Green Foods
65 Organic Electrolytes
17 Essential Fatty Acids
71 Organic Trace Minerals

In addition, IntraMAX contains no meat or dairy products, which makes it suitable for vegans and vegetarians, too. Those people who love organic products will also be pleased to know that the ingredients in IntraMAX are purely natural, perfect for organic enthusiasts.

What are the Upsides?


This product garners mostly great testimonials.
The ingredients are all natural with no health risks.
Vegans and vegetarians can use IntraMAX because there’s no animal-containing ingredient in it.
There are more than 400 natural components.
It is very straightforward to buy online.

What are the Downsides?

For $80 for a bottle, it seems IntraMAX is a little costly compared to similar products.
It has a wide array of benefits, but it’s not primarily for male enhancement purposes.

IntraMAX – Summing It Up

It’s already appealing given that IntraMAX is a well-known product in the industry that caters to all, young and old. While the price may be a little expensive for most, this may be worthy because of the loads of nutrients in it. To know for sure if this produces great outcome, use IntraMAX yourself.

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