A Review of the Product Creatine 2XC

Creatine 2XC – At a Glance

This product is basically a creatine supplement that is said to be loaded with components in order to help users augment their physical functions for an intensified workout performance. With this, significant results on your physique become more attainable. Even though there are multiple components in Creatine 2XC, the quantity of creatine in this supplement is quite little.

If you’re keen in using creatine supplementation with significantly high dosages in every serving, Creatine 2XC isn’t the ideal supplement. On the other hand, if you want your creatine supplement to be combined with other components, then you can check Creatine 2XC out.

In looking for the ultimate supplement right for you, you need to consider these factors: components, efficiency, cost, variety and its taste.

Based on the information given by the supplement’s company, it is crucial to select a supplementation for creatine that can be assimilated in the body easily. If not, it could be disintegrated and become creatinine, which can lead to bloating and water retention.

Essentially, Creatine 2XC is developed to explore your digestive and circulatory systems thoroughly, so it can impose its greatly advantageous benefits on your muscle tissues.

This assertion talks about a solid feature and capacity of a supplement that made Creatine 2XC worth further digging into.

Creatine 2XC’s Manufacturer


This particular creatine supplement is produced and distributed by Nutrabolics. It declares itself to be a leading company in the sports nutrition industry, fueled by its advanced supplements. Based on the information on the product site, their supplements are distributed to 50 countries.

Moreover, the company has been in the industry for more than 10 years. This constitutes to the manufacturer being credible since it has managed to stay in the business for a significant period of time. It’s quite a decent track record for a company that’s just starting to boom.

Its products are accessible on BodyBuilding.com. It also has an active Twitter feed, which gives the idea that the company is exerting efforts trying to penetrate the nutritional supplement market.

What are the Components in Creatine 2XC?

The ingredient profile is the core of any supplements. Without them, any formulation of a supplement cannot exist. As for Creatine 2XC, it has 5 primary components that are for promoting muscular stamina and muscle tissue restoration. Read on to get to know each of the ingredients:

Glutamine (1000 mg) – it is an essential amino acid that portrays a vital part in protein fusion. It boosts the production of growth hormone, which is considered to be crucial in muscle enlargement and building. However, various studies don’t seem to agree. Thus, there’s no definite information as to its effectiveness in muscle building because the outcomes of the studies are varied.

In addition, the level of Glutamine decreases after a workout that is why it is deemed necessary for the used up Glutamine to be refilled.

CreatineHCl (750 mg) – this one is a kind of creatine that is claimed to be more easily assimilated than creatine monohydrate. However, studies haven’t verified the veracity in this. Regardless, creatine has been shown to facilitate benefits in terms of fat-free mass, lifting heavier loads, and sprint performance. On the other hand, adverse reactions can be anticipated from taking this ingredient, such as nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, muscle cramps, and putting on weight.

AstraGin (12.5 mg) – this is a compound of astragalus and panaxnotoginseng. It is developed to enhance the amalgamation of components. Initial research demonstrates that astragalus could provide gains in one’s immunity, heart, and liver health.

Likewise, panaxnotoginseng could decrease blood pressure. Based on the information on GetAstragin.com, AstraGin boosts the assimilation of amino acids and vitamins, and even the manufacturing of ATP as well. Nonetheless, there aren’t any clinical researches that can substantiate this; at least none that we’re aware of.

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (500 mg) – this ingredient is said to decrease muscle tissue impairment caused by working out. It’s also said to be useful in the release of hormones that can help with muscle building, like testosterone.

N-Acetyl-Tyrosine (125 mg) – another amino acid, it is considered as the building block of muscle protein. It also produces chemical signals that impact mental focus.

The Creatine in Creatine 2XC


Being a creatine supplementation, it is only fitting that it contains the right dosage. In the case of this supplement, it is hard to determine whether this has sufficient creatine or not. Multiple doses have been examined and these include the following:

  • 20 g of creatine daily for a 5-day period, followed by a maintenance dose of about 2 g every day
  • 9 g per day for a 6-day period, followed by a maintenance dose
  • 3 g per day for a 28-day period

Creatine 2XC’s creator says that the product does not need a loading stage. In its place, the manufacturer suggests taking 2 scoops with 16 ounces of water about 30 minutes after working out. This means you’re given 1.5 g of creatine every day.

Even as 1.5 g of creatine is only a fraction of the researched quantity, the creatine HCl in Creatine 2XC is in high concentration, which is why the suggested dosages are slighter. We’re not certain if this is true or not.

What’s the Cost?

The product is available in 4 flavors – watermelon, orange, fruit punch, and blue raspberry. For a 180 gram container, which can supply your need for up to 120 days, Creatine 2XC costs $59.95, though the price varies depending on the store that sells it.

What’s the Final Recommendation?

The claims may be promising, and so are the ingredients, but it’s hard to confidently recommend Creatine 2XC knowing that there aren’t enough customer feedbacks online. On the other hand, it has been found that Creatine 2XC assimilates in the body more easily. But we’re unsure if this increased absorbency makes it more effective compared to other products.

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