Reviewing the Safety & Effectiveness of True Grit Post

Getting to Know the Product

True Grit Post, as its name implies, is a post workout product from, which is a well=known name when it comes to nutritional supplements. It’s a new line of fitness supplement from its company, which is not proprietary. touts that this supplement is one of the greatest and most cutting-edge post-workouts supplements in the market. It contains components substantiated by clinical evidence as well as optimal physical force.

Post-workout supplements, in general, are well-known for their usage of futile fillers and complex combinations of ingredients. As for True Grit Post, let’s get to know it further in order to know if this can really deliver.

What are the Components?

Opreview-full-supplementne issue numerous nutritional products have is their utilization of proprietary mixtures. This means that the complete list of components are not recorded and instead replaced with the so-called “blends”, where the components are instead combined in one “blend” or “system” instead of being elaborated individually for the customers’ reference.

Thus, the use of such exclusive blends enables manufacturers to conceal the precise dosage of each of the component. The good news is that True Grit Post is not like this. This means that the company behind the supplement provides the list of their components with the specific dose. It’s actually a strength that other products fail to have.

Here are the ingredients:

BCAAs (6 grams) – there are 3 branched chain amino acids, which are leucine, valine, and isoleucine. These three are the most vital amino acids when it comes to the recuperation of muscles. It makes up more than 30 percent of compounds required for development.

Leucine has been known as the most significant BCAA since it rouses the development of new muscle tissues. As for True Grit Post, it has 4 grams of leucine, 1 gram of isoleucine, and 1 gram of valine. This ratio of 4:1:1 has been proven to be effectual in terms of muscle recuperation.

Creatine Monohydrate (3 grams) – creatine is one of the most popular supplements all over the globe. It is highly useful for increasing the body’s capacity for muscle recuperation, boosting its possibility of development, as well as augmenting its intra-workout energy levels.

In fact, there have been hundreds of studies performed subjecting creatine’s efficiency and the results have been positive, proving that creatine is indeed a potent substance especially for the purpose of muscle development.

The regular dose of creatine is 5 grams. As for True Grit Post, it only has 3 grams, but since nearly all athletes are already using creatine supplementation, True Grit Post’s dose should be fine.

Betaine (2.5 grams) – this component is a usual compound that has been demonstrated to portray a part in muscle protein fusion.

L-Carnitine L Tartrate (2 grams) – this one is a variant of carnitine, an amino acid usually utilized for holding up metabolism. It boosts the disintegration of fat, enhances energy, and heightens muscle recuperation and levels of growth hormones.

Tart Cherry Extract (480 mg) – this one is a natural compound that’s been demonstrated to enhance the recuperation of muscles. Numerous clinical tests illustrate that athletes using tart cherry extract experience less exhaustion and soreness after their training sessions.

Ashwagandha Extract (125 mg) – this ingredient is a well-known one in traditional Indian medicine and is used for an assortment of health issues. Scientific studies illustrate that it efficiently enhanced luteinizing hormone generation and decreases cell stress from working out.

True Grit Post Cost & Accessibility

preview-full-shutterstock_233876893Since True Grit Post is a new supplement, it’s not largely distributed yet. As of now, it is only offered for purchase through for a price of $31.99 plus shipping fees.

Every bottle has 25 servings, thus, you’re shelling out over $1 in every serving, which is somehow costly when compared to similar post-workout supplements. It’s better to wait for it to be widely distributed so the retail price will be cheaper.

Right Dose and Proper Use

A single scoop of this post-workout supplement contains 16 grams, which is around 3 teaspoons. The good news is that True Grit Post has flavors – fruit punch, strawberry lime, or watermelon.

The guidelines on the product label are quite simple. You just need to combine a scoop of True Grit Post with 8 ounce of cold water in a glass or shaker cup if you prefer. This should be taken after your training.

What’s the Bottom Line?

True Grit Post is a remarkable post-workout product, which contains the essential BCAA powder with creatine and other herbal muscle-facilitating extracts. It’s also helpful that there’s product label with complete list of components and each of their precise quantity.

Customers, however, may think twice about purchasing True Grit Post because of its steep cost. Hopefully, the price becomes lesser when it becomes more widely available.

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