Reviewing the Safety & Efficiency of Afterburn Fuel

Introducing Afterburn Fuel: General Idea

This pre-workout product claims to boost the body’s mechanism for burning fat, optimizing muscle development and providing better focus, so that greater physical performance during training is achieved. Simply put, Afterburn Fuel increases your energy levels. With enhanced energy, you’re able to perform harder and longer even during intense training sessions. This supplement also functions to augment muscle pumps, so that muscle enlargement is optimized. Afterburn Fuel can be purchased online and is offered with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you’re a new consumer, you can avail freebies if you purchase directly from the manufacturer through their site A single container of Afterburn Fuel has a cost of $67. You also have to cover the shipping fee. This can last up to 30 days.

About the Company

Afterburn Fuel is manufactured by Mike Chang Fitness, a company that was created by online celebrity Mike Chang. Chang became prominent for his “six pack shortcuts” routines. These are workouts composed of short yet powerful routines that are intended to build the muscles in the abdomen. Afterburn Fuel is the first ever product developed by Mike Chang Fitness and the company still needs more time and quality supplements to earn people’s trust and be considered reputable in the industry.

Product Assertions

preview-full-shutterstock_556776760According to the company that manufactures Afterburn Fuel, the product can do the following:

Promotes muscle development to the maximum

Boosts the body’s mechanism to burn fat, leading to further weight loss

Increases energy levels to improve physical performance during training

Enhances mental focus to help you be mentally geared up during workouts

Understanding How the Product Function

Essentially, Afterburn Fuel makes use of potent components that are capable of increasing force, vigor and stamina. With all these, the overall intensity and performance are heightened. The components in Afterburn Fuel also set off muscle fibers so that you become more productive in your training. The supplement’s formulation also involves components that combat exhaustion while simultaneously facilitating its fat torching capacities. Lastly, Afterburn Fuel increases the contractions of the muscles so that you see pumps. The torching of calories also consistently takes place even after the training session is over.

What are the Components in Afterburn Fuel?


Methyltyramine: This component has an impact on the neurotransmitters that paves the way for a boost in one’s mental concentration. With enhanced mental focus, the quality of the workout becomes better.

Beta Alanine: This boosts the production of carnosine, the molecule in-charge of energy, stamina, force and even contraction of muscles. This ingredient aids in improving one’s physical functionalities so that the quality of your training becomes augmented, as well.

Creatinol Phosphate: This one is an enhanced type of creatine that does not need sugar and carbs to be assimilated at its maximum. It also thwarts common creatine issues like bloating and water retention. Lastly, this ingredient enables you to obtain muscles without the risks of obtaining much fat.

Arginine alpha keto glutamine (AAKG): This one is a potent component that functions to increase the levels of growth hormone. Thus, it boosts muscle development, force and stamina to help you achieve greater performance during training. It also aids in the heightening of fat loss and putting on lean muscles.

Afterburn Fuel Product Features

The potent components in Afterburn Fuel are said to be supported by science.

The company provides a 60-day money-back guarantee for every Afterburn Fuel purchased.

Some customers have left positive feedbacks for the supplement.

First-time buyers can have freebies, such as a guide for proper diet and workout.

Afterburn Fuel is developed to capitalize on building muscles and losing much fat.

This supplement does not have caffeine.

Afterburn Fuel does not have sugar, either.

A single serving of this supplement only contains 5 calories.

Afterburn Fuel makes use of an enhanced form of creatine.

Proper Use of Afterburn Fuel

Use of is quite easy. Just combine a scoop of Afterburn Fuel with a glass of water or any other drinks. Take the blended drink 15-30 minutes prior to doing your fitness routine. The serving of this supplement can be amplified deliberately to go with your personal choosing.

Safety Precautions and Health Warnings

For women, Afterburn Fuel is not advised if you’re expecting or breastfeeding. If you’re under any prescription for any medical issue, consult your doctor first. Examine the components in the product’s label to see if you’re fine with all the ingredients. Begin use of Afterburn Fuel with a single scoop. You can increase your dosage as your body starts to build tolerance.

What Are the Adverse Reactions with Afterburn Fuel Use?

The usual adverse reactions reported by customers are gastric discomfort and hypersensitive response. Some users reported there was diarrhea, too, though this side effect is considered atypical. However, it is important to note that the body becomes tolerant to the supplement after using it a few times. In the case that there are severe physical or health manifestations, stop using Afterburn Fuel immediately and go see your doctor or go to a hospital.

Afterburn Fuel and Possible Interactions

It is likely that this particular supplement does interact with certain prescription drugs. Thus, it is vital that you see your doctor prior to proceeding in using Afterburn Fuel. This is more important if you’re already taking other medications for certain illnesses. You should also check with your doctor if you’re already using other supplements.

Bottom Line: Is Afterburn Fuel Safe & Effectual?

Upon examination of this pre-workout supplement, it appears that Afterburn Fuel is a remarkable product with promising features. Despite not coming from a reputable manufacturer, the product’s formula is considered advanced and at least it already has customers who have firsthand experience of Afterburn Fuel and also left good reviews about the product. The 60-day-money-back guarantee makes this product more appealing and makes buyers feel secured when trying out this supplement.

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