Should you get penis enlargement surgery or not?

What exactly should be the size of a penis? Whatever be the answer, it is a conundrum for most men because they believe size matters a lot to get sexual satisfaction or it is inevitable to satisfy the partner. In reality, it is an illusion, and penis size does not matter to have a healthy sexual relationship, especially in a heterosexual engagement.

Since time immemorial, the question has been in society, and the question continues to hunt in modern society for a credible answer.

Professionals working in the field have categorically declined the role of penis size to have sexual satisfaction and increased libido. However, most men still believe that the size of the penis really matters a lot. Those who argue favoring the size of the penis say that a massive large penis can have deep vaginal penetration.


Most men believe that only a large penis can give rich sexual satisfaction, but it is just a reason for psychological advantage. Having a large dick can increase the confidence and self-esteem of men, but not sexual pleasure.

Contrary to the facts, you can find so many commercials with tall claims for penile enlargement within a short period. Penile enlargement, erectile dysfunction, and delay treatment are multi-million-dollar businesses. Visual media and the internet are oversubscribed with ads offering various methods for penis enlargement. When some of the methodologies successfully deliver the results, most of them fail to yield results.

Penis enlargement product manufacturers exploit the weakness of those men who want to have a large penis to enjoy a better sexual life. Many pills are simply placebos as they don’t yield any results; meanwhile, men who wanted to have penile enhancement fall into the trap of manufacturer’s tall claims, believing that these medicines may do the miracle.

It is a tricky situation, and because of that, the market is flooded with herbal supplements, as they could be less harmful, with minimum drawbacks. Today the herbal penis enhancement supplements are a multi-billion business globally.

The penile enhancement domain can divide into surgical and non-surgical segments. In the following content, we will discuss them to determine which one is better than the other or would work as they claim.

Penile Enhancement with Non-Surgical Method

We can find many non-surgical penile enhancement methods in men’s health magazines and online publications. The following are some of the notable non-surgical procedures.

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps are the most favored penis enlargement device in the non-surgical segment. It is a combination of a pump and a cylinder. For using the pump, in the first stage, the user needs to keep the penis in the cylinder, and in the second stage, the user needs to use the pump to drive more blood into the penis. When the penis gets more blood circulation, that will be the reason for a strong erection, and also it slightly increases the size of the penis. But the increase in penis size will be a temporary process, which is a drawback. Similarly, continuous use of a vacuum pump can damage the spongy tissues of the penis, and it may adversely affect the erection process. However, penis pumps have been using to treat chronic erectile dysfunction.

Male enhancement pills

Herbal enlargement pills are trendy among men wanting to have a large penis. The pill manufacturers often publish tall claims convincingly, designed to attract desperate men who want to increase their libido and size. No such pills do have convincing clinical trial reports to confirm their claims. These pills do not have any ingredients that can enhance the size of the penis other than hormones, minerals, and vitamins. Besides, these pills can develop acute side effects. Make sure to choose a reputable, scientifically-backed product like Biomanix (exclusively available on

Topical creams and ointments

Another standard non-surgical penile enhance method is applying creams on the penis. They will also have seductive, jaw-dropping ads as the caption. What do you think about reading captions like, “increase your penis up to 12 inches within a week, or achieve a massive penis in less than a week’s time?” The captions may confuse readers, especially those who are desperate and living in a dream world of sexual fantasy. You can find these creams even on reputed online stores like Amazon, etc., with clear instructions to apply on the penis and massage 3 to 4 minutes thrice a day. But there is no clinical evidence to confirm its efficacy.

Penis clamps

The penis clamp is a ring used to keep the erection intact by wearing it at the base of the penis. The ring comes with adjustable diameter features, which can help to keep the pressure at the base of the penis.  In doing so, the blood flow will direct toward the glans, and as a result, it can increase the penis’s girth. Regular use of clamp for a few minutes continuously for 3 to 4 weeks can slightly increase the size of the penis. But from a health point of view, you cannot wear a clamp for more than 30 minutes, as it can chop the blood flow to the penis and damage the corpus spongiosum.

Penile exercises

You can find many engaging exercises, which claim to increase the penile size. Most of the exercises revolve around the stretching method, and one of the popular stretching methods is jelqing. It is a manual squeezing method that has predominantly been practiced by the Arabs for generations. During the process, the penis will be in a non-erect position and need to do it for a prolonged period daily, which may cause pain. Any pressurized exercise can damage the penis because of the soft tissue like the corpus spongiosum; hence, you should not apply too much pressure on the penis.



In all non-surgical penile enlargement methods, the process stretches the penis with lots of continuous, systematic practice. Even if you think that the technique could increase the length of the penis, actually, there won’t be any permanent changes in the size of the penis. The process may give the feeling that it looks bigger, but you won’t get a permanent increase for the penis. All these non-surgical penis enhancement methods do have their drawbacks. Such a stretching method can damage the soft tissues of the penis and can be a reason for erectile dysfunction. Any stretching technique, including hanging weights from the penis, is dangerous and can severely damage the penis.

Surgical penis enlargement methods

Perfection in surgery is vital to succeeding in the surgical method for penis enlargement. Indeed, it is the best alternative to increase the size of the penis, but we have very limited experienced surgeons who can do the surgery successfully.

Surgical penis enlargement is known as penile enlargement, phalloplasty, penile augmentation surgery, or penoplasty. Arguably, many consider penile enhancement surgery is the better option than a non-surgical method, but surgical penile enhancement is also not risk-free. Since it is the case, men wanting to go for penile enhancement surgery should go with an experienced surgeon with an impeccable track record.

Increasing length

The suspensory ligament keeps the penis attached to the pelvic floor of the muscles. The suspensory ligament connected with the solid fiber conceals some portion of the penis shaft, and as a result, the penis may appear visibly small. A surgery can reveal the covered portion by severing the ligament, and as a result, the entire shaft will become visible. The complete visibility of the penis shaft can transform the size of the penis. After the surgery, the patient needs to perform some exercises to ensure the ligament stays detached during the healing period.

Increasing girth

By plastic surgery also, it is possible to increase the width of the penis. In this process, the surgeon injects harvested fats of the body into the penis. In another plastic surgery method, the surgeon implants Alloderm, harvested sterilized tissues of cadavers, and grafts around the penis to increase its width.

Besides grafting, surgeons adopt many other techniques to increase the appearance of the penis. The penis in obese people appears to be smaller because of their body size. In such cases, surgeons remove the excess fat at the base of the penis using the liposuction method. Since much refinement happens in plastic surgery, we can expect more promising surgical procedures to tackle the penile enhancement issues. Based on the developments and trends in reconstructive surgery, the surgical method for penile enhancement will be standard in the coming years.

Who needs penis enlargement surgery?

The standard average size of a penis is between 5 to 6 inches. Since this is the case, any man with a penis lower than this size can opt for Penile Enhancement Surgery. Plastic surgery is a good option for men who have a damaged penis or partial penis due to an accident. It is also a good choice for men reeling with “hidden penis syndrome.” In such cases, penis enlargement surgery is the best option to reconstruct the size of the penis. If an experienced plastic surgeon can execute the surgery, then the patient can expect a fantastic result. It must be noted however that penis enlargement surgery is only for extreme cases that cannot be treated by tried-and-tested methods and is usually reserved for more specialized, rarer causes of a small penis. Worse, penis enlargement surgery is highly-invasive and may lead to complications in the future. Consider these lifestyle changes or a lesser-invasive method such as taking male enhancement supplements paired with the latter before ever considering getting costly surgery you might not even need.

Make lifestyle changes to help improve penis size naturally

You can increase your penis size by making some cosmetic changes to your lifestyle.

  • Get regular exercise. Do you know how to get a firm erection? Erections occur when blood flows seamlessly to the penis from the arteries. Improving the blood flow is one of the best elements that can help to increase the flow of blood to the penis. How can you achieve this? Obviously, regular exercise can increase blood flow. So, if you can stick to regular exercise, it can increase metabolic activities and improve blood circulation in the body. The blood flow to the penis also will improve due to regular exercise, and it can help to have a strong erection and healthy penis.
  • Eat more veggies and fruits. Vegetables and fruits are rich in antioxidants, which will help to push out free radicals from the body. You will have strong blood vessels when you have fewer free radicals in the body. Including more vegetables and fruits in your diet can help to improve the length and girth of the penis.
  • Avoid thinking negative thoughts/unrealistic fantasies. Unrealistic sexual fantasy is a negative thought, and negative thinking is the root cause of all personal problems, especially in sexual life. Too much negative thought can influence the blood flow to the penis due to unwanted anxiety. It will kill the spirit of sexual life, and if you wish to lead a healthy sexual life, you need to keep away all such negative thoughts.
  • Meditate. Meditation can do miracles in life. It is a good option for men suffering from sexual disorders due to extreme anxiety, and to overcome this, practice meditation regularly to balance the mental peace.  Regular meditation can improve blood circulation. When the body’s blood circulation improves, your penis also will get enhanced blood circulation, resulting in solid erection, length, and girth.
  • Take warm showers. Showering in cold water can shrink your body cells, including the penis’s cells. A hot water shower can open the cell porous and enhance the blood circulation in the body and the blood circulation to the penis. In doing so, you can have a robust and large penis. Hence, it is an excellent option to take a hot shower daily for improved metabolic activities and blood circulation.
  • Always consult a professional. Rather than having half-baked information on penile enhancement, it would be better to consult with an experienced medical professional with enough exposure to penis enlargement treatment. They can guide you to take the right decision and mentally make you strong to take further action.

Lifestyle changes can make positive changes to your body, and it directly contributes to the overall health condition of the penis. Therefore, before deciding on a surgical or non-surgical penile enhancement treatment, it would be better to make some lifestyle changes to have a strong, healthy large penis. These lifestyle changes are simple, yet powerful and they can give you rich dividends if adhered to systematically.

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