six pack abs workout Why Getting A Six-Pack Is All About Sacrifice

Many of us want six-pack abs, but not all of us are so sure about the sacrifices that have to come with it. Six-packs look great and make you feel better about yourself, but often you’re left with the question: Is it really worth it?

After all, in developing killer six-pack abs, there is a hell of a lot of work to do in the first place. Moreover, you’ve gotta make significant changes in your lifestyle. Those bacon cheeseburgers you used to love? Forget ‘em. A new ice-cold beers at the weekend with the lads after a long, hard day at work? Totally out of the question.

To get lean, you have to get mean – with yourself and your lifestyle. Because whilst some guys are just lucky and develop abs to die for by simply taking up a smart diet, most of us have to work at it. We have to make choices, alter the way we live – and give things up.

Ask Yourself Why You Want A Six-Pack

If you’re trying to develop a sculpted body merely to impress the women, you should probably rethink your decision. Surveys have shown that around 79% of women actually don’t care all that much about physique, which pretty much means that if your body isn’t entirely dissimilar to Will Ferrell’s, they’re not gonna care all that much.

So for this reason if you are looking to develop the kinds of muscles that are gonna woo the ladies, we advise that you try pumping your guns instead. All that hassle really will be worth it.

Cut Out The Beer

For many of us, this is a tough one. After all, a few beers with the lads at the weekend is what life is all about, right?

If you’re trying to hone killer abs, you’re gonna have to follow professional fitness model, David Kimmerle, and cut down your alcohol intake to about once every 18 days. He says that if he drinks, he doesn’t get work (photoshoots).

Can you manage that? Then read on.

Forget About Food Being Delicious

Guys who work hard to develop and maintain their abs will admit to feel hungry pretty much constantly – even after eating!

This is just one of the problems you’ll be facing. You’ll also have to get used to your food not tasting as great as it once did.

All those succulent bacon cheeseburgers are gonna have to be replaced by cottage cheese in scrambled eggs. Suck it up, bud.

Train Like There Is No Tomorrow

Guys who maintain their six-packs basically train like monsters. If you’re worried that you’re not gonna be able to sustain your work life, social life and your training, you’ll have to find a way if you want abs like the best.

There is a way to do it – but it’s gonna be hectic. If sustained abs is your desire, you’ll need to be performing at least 500 reps of ab work EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

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