Slimfy Review – Weight Loss Miracle?

Slimfy Review – Weight Loss Miracle?

Slimfy Review

Doctors and dieticians always like to stress the importance of lifestyle, exercise, and a healthy diet when it comes to weight loss and while this is mostly true, adding a supplement to your regiment can greatly enhance the results you experience. Slimfy is a supplement that promises exactly that. They are a “revolutionary” supplement new to the market noted to take a unique angle on the weight loss scene. Slimfy doesn’t promise to simply burn fat. Instead, they have a three-stage approach to losing weight with their high-quality solution designed especially for helping both genders achieve the weight loss they desire.

slimfy review-Green tea extractSlimfy comes highly recommended by physicians and what I found intriguing was their promise to eliminate the tolerance our bodies often create when it comes to certain foods or supplements. When our bodies build tolerance to a supplement the effects of that supplement will decrease over time, but Slimfy aims to decrease this tolerance as it builds up so that you will still reap the effects of the supplement over time.

The first stage of Slimfy consists of a detox and weight loss period to release unwanted toxins from your body with ingredients like ginger, milk thistle, saffron, and green coffee bean extract. Some users say it works well, some say not at all and many studies on the subject of coffee bean extract effects seem to be pretty controversial. Either way, the detox stage of Slimfy is meant to last one month to prime your body for the enhancing weight loss stage.

So in the next stage (month 2) it’s all about preparing your body for the actual weight loss. The ingredients in this stage primarily consist of raspberry keytones and green coffee been extract along with CoQ10, reservatrol, saffron, and maqui berry.

slimfy review-raspberry ketonesAnd finally, during the third stage (month 3) you’ll be going through what they call the maintenance stage. This is when you trick your body into not developing that dreaded tolerance. The ingredients in this stage consist of African mango extract, green tea extract, caralluma febriata, CoQ10, and lychee extract. During this phase you are essentially supposed to be preventing your body from regaining the fat that you end up losing.

That being said, the reviews I’ve read are pretty mixed in nature. Plenty of reviews rave about the positive effect and others say it doesn’t work at all, not even the slightest. It’s definitely a little pricey to just try it out for the sake of it and their refund policy doesn’t seem to be in the customer’s favor, so I’m not sure I would recommend this personally. On one hand, the positive reviews are quite tempting, but the price and the fact that it also seems to be discontinued make it a little more risky for me. I’m not sure I’d fully recommend this, but I am not altogether against supplements for weight loss. I do think they can be beneficial … and perhaps Slimfy may be the solution to that problem, but it also seems a little bit pricey and difficult to return if it doesn’t work out for you.

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