Does Special K Protein Shake Even Work?

Special K Protein shake is a meal replacement shake that is designed to help users drop some serious Lbs, fast. Studies show that more protein scientifically leads to more weight loss. That is why Special K has decided to market this product as a protein shake that will keep users full for hours, prevent cravings, and deliver proper balanced nutrition. Special K has been making products that help real women lose weight for years. The manufacturers Kellogg are a reliable company we all have known and love. Is Special K’s Protein Shake the real deal for weight loss? How does it stand up to the competition?

REAL User Testimonials

Does Special K Protein Shake Testimonials

“I have been a slim fast drinker for years. One taste of this shake and I’m hooked! I like to put it in the freezer for about 30 min. before drinking it so it is nice and COLD. I love chocolate so the milk chocolate flavor is my pick. It is a much smoother chocolate than the slim fast milk chocolate”

“Do they satisfy hunger? Yeah, but not always for long — maybe 45 minutes tops for active people, or an hour or two for less active people. Because of that, they don’t seem to work as meal replacements. I prefer to think of Special K Protein Shakes as expensive, vitamin-enriched, sensible portions of chocolate milk. They make good snacks and after-meal desserts, and will tide you over until you can eat a regular meal.”

“My only complaint is that I don’t feel very full after drinking them like I do with some of the other shakes I’ve tried. If I workout in the morning and then drink this for breakfast, I’m hungry again about an hour later.”

“I started dieting on February and started using these as an appetite suppressant and they worked. They gave me a little boost and they satisfy my chocolate cravings. I’ve lost 26pounds and the sugar on these are not holding me back.”

Customer Raves:

Consumers seem to love this product. They have found it helped them to lose a lot of weight and the product has made it easier to do so. They love the taste and everyone thinks it tastes better than Special K’s competitor Slim Fast. They found the price was affordable when purchased online and in bulk.

Customer Complaints:

What customers don’t like about this product and continually complain about it a lot of the reviews is how the shake is not satisfying enough for their taste. Everyone agrees almost unanimously that this shake is downright tasty, but it makes for a better snack than a meal, thus defeating the purpose of how the shake functions to help users lose weight, by cutting calories. It isn’t leaving people full enough for them to use it as a meal replacer. Others complain about the high sugar amounts, but some still found the shakes to be incredibly effective despite this.
Others believe that there is not enough protein in this shake at all and feel it is marketed towards someone who really isn’t active at all.

Bottom Line for Special K Protein Shake:

Weight loss shake

Too much sugar and not enough protein to keep users full for 3-4 hours. While it satisfied some, and the taste satisfied all, it did not keep users full until their next meal and led them to graze aimlessly in the land of junk food snacks. Or users didn’t follow the plan and use it as a chocolate drink snack, which entirely defeats the purpose of the Special K Challenge. If you are someone who just sits in school or an office all day and has no plans of working out. If you are someone who is full easily or on the petite side, this could be a perfect weight loss tool for you. If you are more active, I don’t think it will keep you satisfied.

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