Stretch Marks in Men Over 25

by Robert Phillips
man who takes Progentra with stretch marks due to weight loss

Stretch marks are long, slim lines that occur when the skin is stretched quickly due to things such as pregnancy, puberty, and rapid weight gain or loss.

        Weight gain can be discouraging because of the sudden change in appearance and physical limits. This can sometimes lead a person to go into a depression. Depression is the mental state of feeling mentally overwhelmed, fatigue, sadness, and binging on things like food or other substances are signs of depression.

        Men over 25 struggle with stretch marks as they gain weight. Their metabolism begins to slow and they still continue to party, play sports, and stay up like when they were eighteen. The metabolism begins to slow about 2% a year in men at the age of 25. Skin begins to stretch, fluctuation in weight occurs and “tiger stripes” begin to appear.

Luckily, they’re several different ways to make stretch marks seem less noticeable or even disappear.

        The obvious cure for stretch marks is to simply lose the weight. Begin eating right foods from all of the food groups and exercising regularly. Exercising regularly enables your body to strengthen your heart, burn calories, and tone your body. Something as simple as walking or taking the stairs instead of the elevator up to your office is good for you.

        Other ways to reduce the appearance of stretch marks is a homemade sugar scrub with items you can find around your house. Common household items include 1 cup of sugar with ¼ cup of water, almond oil, coconut oil, or any other softening agent with the cup of sugar and add some lemon juice. Mixing the materials should leave you with a wet beach sand like texture. It’s best to apply after you shower then rinse off the scrub and repeat daily.

aloe vera to reduce stretch mark appearance        Aloe Vera is a common ingredient found in several lotions and body washes that if applied to stretch marks will help you reduce the appearance and leave them barely noticeable. Aloe Vera is known for its fresh smell and several benefits. Being a medicinal plant that treats several skin injuries and contains several antioxidants that are good for the body. Finding something that is easy to pick up in a store or order online is easy for the working over 25 year old man looking for something to add to his daily routine that will cure one of his many problems he’s attempting to face.

        Coconut oil is used to heal and moisturize broken, damaged, and dry skin. Applying coconut oil to stretch marks are known to reduce the red appearance that having “tiger prints” gives to the body. As well as serving as moisturizer for people with sensitive and dry skin.

        Cocoa butter lotions and soaps will help reduce the overall appearance of stretch marks. Many forget about this remedy because they are not in favor of the smell but pregnant women and men over 25 benefit wonderfully from this easy home remedy. Most local stores and pharmacies carry cocoa butter as well.

        No matter if you have stretch marks from pregnancy, rapid weight gain or loss, or even puberty trying these simple tips help enable you to live a more positive life with a positive body image. Body image is one’s own view of their body, more times in a negative effect than positive. No matter if you are the guy over 25, realizing that reality hit and you no longer have the body of your younger self, or the recently divorced female that wants to just take better care of yourself. Removing stretch marks, and taking better care of yourself allows everyone to feel better, and put your mindset in a more positive space.

More ways to stay positive are to meditate.

        The process of practicing the act of deep breathing allows your muscles to relax, the distribution of oxygen throughout your body to increase, and stress levels to decrease therefore allowing your body to lower its blood pressure and overall having less of a strain on your heart.

        Losing weight and increasing self-confidence through things like eating regularly, working out daily, and taking care of yourself more in ways like reducing stretch marks and meditating.

Practicing self-affirmations.

man with stretch marks on stomach        Finding your favorite quote or saying and saying it to yourself every morning or every time before you leave your home will help increase your self-esteem. Putting this affirmation on your mirror, in the bathroom, or anywhere that you can see it first thing in the morning. This will increase your overall self-confidence as well as giving you a more positive mindset.

        Men over 25 struggle with confidence and when following these simple suggestions and tips, making them fit your life best will allow you to improve on yourself without creating any access attention to your own personal journey.

        The sudden change in appearance and physical limits are not the only sufferance in having stretch marks. The tips above help you approve mentally as well a physically. Self-confidence or trusting in your own self’s abilities, qualities, and judgement. Believing in yourself in all aspects because you know that you are living your best life, in your best body. Loving every minute of it.

        Men over the age of 25 look for quick fixes and manageable cures for self-appearance “flaws” or disapproved features. Not knowing that even though there are several “quick fixes” and cures the overall key to aging with grace and having stretch marks is confidence. Loving who you are with the weight, and with the stretch marks. Not being easily mislead by other influencers in media or the public eye. Self-confidence and being spiritually connected in who you are and what you want to be as you age and evolve physically and mentally. The sudden change in appearance and physical limitations can lead many over the edge into depression and lower self-esteem, therefore effecting and enabling mental limitations. If you have stretch marks, know that you are not alone and that they are completely normal.

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