Super Beta Prostate Review: Is it effective?

Super Beta Prostate Summary

Research shows that nearly 80% of all guys past 60 years of age are subject to experience prostate issues. It is believed that 30 million guys are currently suffering from prostate enlargement and that digit rises daily. Super Beta Prostate was designed to address this health crisis including benign prostate hyperplasia, acute prostatitis, and prostate cancer as well as the symptoms thereof.They claim that this combination of ingredients can not only guard the prostate against these medical issues, but actually correct those which are pre-existent. Super Beta Prostate also claims that their formula is more powerful than any other prostate support supplement available.

Super Beta Prostate Ingredients and Functions

Super Beta Prostate - Ingredients

Beta-Sitosterol, as well as all phytosterols, are extremely healing and found in most all plants. These botanical properties have the ability to rejuvenate the libido, as well as the prostate, and quickly diminish prostate enlargement.

Pygeum Africanum delivers even more potent phytosterols which have an anti-proliferative effect on all cancer cells, but especially those of the prostate. It can also improve urination challenges.

Vitamin D supplementation is frequently used in the support of bladder function due to the fact that it influences the muscles which contract to release urine. It is also key to the increased absorption of other vital minerals, such as zinc and calcium, within the intestines.

Scientists have revealed that copper boosts the immune system’s ability to fend off infection as well as prevent the development of prostatic malignancies. It is said to be a powerful property which can neutralize free radicals.

The prostate stores greater amounts of zinc than of any organ in the body. It is believed to prevent cancer metastasis within the prostate as well. Scientists say that maintaining the correct levels of zinc in the body can reduce the risk of developing prostatic cancer.

The makers advise taking one capsule twice per day.

Super Beta Prostate Pros and Cons

Prostate issues

Super Beta Prostate Pros

Each component in this health formula has undergone intense scientific study.

The largest majority of customer reviews cast a positive light on Super Beta Prostate.

The manufacturer offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

New Vitality offers a fee bottle for first time purchasers.

Super Beta Prostate Cons

There are no clinical trials for the exact formula in Super Beta Prostate.

Not all reviews for its use are positive.

The positive reviews are for the health support it provides, not for any miracle cure.

Less expensive prostate support options are available.

Shop Spot

There are many websites which carry Super Beta Prostate including the New Vitality site, Amazon, and Walgreens. It is about $20 for 60 capsules which is a 30-day supply.


There are many good reviews for using Super Beta Prostate and the properties in it have scientific backup. There are also some which are negative, most directed at consumer services, and the end product has never been tested. While the makers offer a guarantee, it must be requested within 30 days. This seems like an unwise purchase decision, unless users intend to implement it into their current prostate treatment for added support.

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