Tai Chi for Better Heart Health

Tai Chi for Better Heart Health - Menlivehealthy

Tai Chi is an internal Chinese martial art practiced to achieve longevity and overall health. This moving meditation has numerous health benefits for both the mind and body, and most importantly the heart. Working a Tai Chi routine into your day could be one of the best things to keep you heart ticking. For those recovering from a heart attack or stroke, Tai Chi is a great rehabilitative exercise for those unready for more rigorous exercise programs. Those suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, or hypertension can benefit greatly from practicing Tai Chi to compliment all dietary changes and prescribed medications.

Tai Chi is the perfect combination of physical movement, stress reduction, breathwork, social support, and emotional regulation. All of these can contribute towards managing heart health. It is one of the few universally safe forms of aerobic exercise, despite its low intensity. There is a lot of variety and flexibility within the practice to heighten aerobic activity if the participant is physically able.

Tai Chi helps strengthen a mind-body connection that works to reduce stress and improve psychological well-being. Many find themselves feeling insatiably happy, light, and energized after a Tai Chi session. Through improving breathing efficiency blood pressure lowers, blood vessels dilate, and getting proper oxygen to the cells can boost mental focus. Breathing properly from the diaphragm can take a large burden off of the heart and chest area immediately.

Flowing circular movements, balance and weight shifting may seem like a real snooze and “not real” exercise. Overtime Tai Chi participants can challenge themselves in ways other exercises cannot facilitate. The discipline necessary to be a student of Tai Chi is a daily challenge that can lend itself to more accelerated defense training, which is highly physically demanding. Accelerating the aerobic rigor of a Tai Chi program is not necessary at all or relevant to benefitting from the meditative movements.

A good supply of blood and oxygen to the necessary organ systems is crucial for maintain health or for healing any existing illness or chronic condition. Tai Chi works to strengthen muscles, keeping joints stable and protected. The practice is all about achieving a balance in all aspects, by self-regulating oxygen and blood flow through movement the entire body benefits. Flexibility achieved from sticking with a good Tai Chi program can help protect muscles from injury during other physical activity or exercise.

Tai Chi attacks heart health issues from all sides. It works to reduce stress that can spike blood pressure levels and cause hypertension. It offers social support to lessen anxiety. The movement in tandem with specific breathwork takes pressure off the heart and chest. The aerobic activity is excellent for heart health and keeps the individual supple, agile, and strong at any level of the practice. Tai Chi promotes an overall feeling of vitality and works to enhance our Qi, or life force.

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