TestoFuel Review: Is it Effective?

TestoFuel Review: Is it Effective?

TestoFuel Summary

One of the most common goals among trainers is the constant search for the perfect supplement to intensify training results, maximize recovery; and boost post workout repair. TestoFuel says that it is that revolutionary solution to overcoming testosterone production obstacles. This company claims that is has designed a botanically derived formula which enhance the body’s ability to produce of this hormone which is so essential to working out.

TestoFuel Ingredients and Functions


Derived from Fenugreek, Testofen can dramatically intensify sexual sensation and amplify orgasm.

Russian cultures use Siberian Ginseng for its immune system boosting; free radical destroying; and muscle intensifying actions.

D-Aspartic Acid is an important amino acid which has an integral role in the production of crucial hormones and sperm. It is said to specifically amplify the human growth hormone and testosterone.

Oyster derivatives provide zinc in copious amounts and zinc has been incorporated into this formula as well. Zinc deficiencies correlate with compromised testosterone levels and increased estrogen production.


Vitamin D3 is produced by the body naturally when it is exposed to UVA rays. It is hypothesized to be critical in the production of testosterone due to the fact that deficiencies of this hormone are often found in men with low levels of vitamin D.

Magnesium is necessary for protein metabolism and muscle cell production. It helps to amplify post workout repair and time for recovery.

Vitamin B6, often referred to as Biotin, is vital to synthesizing testosterone and regulating the hormone.

TestoFuel Dosage

The company instructs users to swallow 4 gelatin capsules daily. It also points out that it be as much as 2 months before the full effects may be felt.

TestoFuel Pros and Cons

TestoFuel Pros

All of the ingredients in this product have scientific evidence of efficacy individually for the maker’s claims.

The manufacturing facility is said to be located in the U.S.A.

The GMP seal of approval is on the bottle.

If the desired results are not achieved within 90 days, consumers can ask for a refund.

TestoFuel Cons

No clinical trials have been conducted on the end market formula.

The company only accepts unused packages sent within 7 days of consumer receipt which creates a haze over the 90-day refund policy.

Testofuel says that it may require as much as two entire months before consumers will feel optimal effects.

Questions are directed to the company headquarters in the U.K.; however, the official webpage says that it was produced in America.

TestoFuel Shop Spot

Amazon nor any other supplement sale site offers this supplement. I must be purchased from the official TestoFuel site. A 120-count bottle is a 30-day supply. One bottle is $65; two are $130; and four are $195. Those who opt for the forth bottle free also get a t-shirt, shipping and two workout e-guides free.

TestoFuel Conclusion

This return policy is extremely confusing and this product is not recommended for purchase. The individual ingredients have scientific data to back them up; however, with the sketchy guarantee, it seems too risky.

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