The Benefits of Drinking Water

by Robert Phillips

Whether you like it or not water is one of the most valued necessities in life. With its tasteless properties and hydrating nature water’s liquid form can be manipulated into endless combinations to help animals, humans, and land. In fact, water has been around since the origin of earth, and since then animals and humans have evolved to use its properties to survive. No one would think drinking a clear solution like water would have so many benefits in life. But what exactly are those advantages and how can they further a person’s life? Here are the benefits of drinking water and their effects on humanity:

  1. Promotes Energy

Drinking water maximums brain power which in return aids in keeping you focus, observant, and concentrated. Therefore, in doing school work or working at a day job, it’s best to drink water, so your attention doesn’t move from one thing to another. When your attention stays aimed at one task, a person often gets finished more quickly, understands additional information, and even has a better attitude about the project.

  1. Increases Weight Loss

Often people drink water to aid in their weight loss program. Drinking water will remove fat by-products and help you feel full when meal time comes around; therefore there won’t be a need to overeat. In fact, overtime water will improve your metabolism. So there will be no need to put harsh restrictions on yourself for eating sweets, merely drinking water daily will keep the fat away!

  1. Removes Toxins

Through water consumption, your body will naturally remove waste and toxins through the process of perspiration and urination. These processes allow the body to become healthy as the toxins are “flushed” out. In return, a person will feel refreshed as the toxins and waste products are no longer in the body. Therefore, it’s good to drink water if you’re sick or ill not only for hydration purposes but it also may make you feel better too.

  1. Improves Skin Care

Water is known for its hydration, and thus, it’s also a good moisturizer. Drinking water daily will result in smoother skin and removal of wrinkles. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take an extra sip here or there to push pause on the aging process. However, if you’re not a fan of water it can leave skin dry and, so it’s best to drink water at least sometimes.

  1. Improves Immune System

Since drinking water flushes out toxins and waste products, it also boosts the immune system. When water rids the body of toxins, it also helps the body put up a barrier so that the same toxin won’t be absorbed twice. However, depending on the tolerance of your immune system and how much you drink water you might be in danger of being ill with a sickness more than once.

  1. Helps to Control Body Temperature

Perspiration or sweating is a natural way to cool the body down. Water is needed in the body to sweat, and therefore drinking water after physical activity is the best way to cool down. Not only will the water hydrate your body it will allow your body to sweat which in return will let you cool down faster. After a race in the heat or an intense workout, a nice bottle of cold water is just want you need.

  1. Prevents Cramps

Drinking water before and after a physical activity will hydrate your muscles, and therefore, allow them to be more flexible. Hydrated muscles are less likely to be strained since they are lubricated with the water you drank. After a physical activity is completed, you may see some difference since hydrated muscles tend to be less sore than non-hydrated muscles, if you’re working out or trying out a new physical activity pick up a bottle today!

  1. No More Bad Breath

Some people suffer from bad breath, but if you drink water daily, then you don’t have to worry about such things. Since bad breath is caused by dehydration a person who drinks water daily will always have good smelling breath, in addition, water washes away leftover food that could be left on your teeth. Therefore, if you drink water daily, you should have a nice smile and sweet smelling breath. A fresh, clean, smile is good for dates, interviews, and family run-ins. If you don’t want to be embarrassed at the next family dinner why take a sip of water?

  1. Stops Backaches

Many people suffer from back pain, but they don’t know what to do about it. It turns out that dehydration often causes back pain, the discs that make up the spinal cord are constructed by a large amount of water. If you were to increase your daily intake of water then the discs wouldn’t ache as many tasks could be completed without the feeling of back pain and it all would be from a clear solution called water.

  1. Treat Headaches

Like back pain, many individuals suffer from headaches either caused by stress, loud noises or weather pressure. However, drinking water can treat headaches that are caused by dehydration. In addition, drinking water can address those who have symptoms of headaches. But every individual is different so drinking water to treat headaches may or may not work. If you have questions, it is always good to ask a healthcare professional.

Water has many benefits, for example, the power to provide energy, to remove toxins, to treat headaches, and reduce back pain. All of these advantages of drinking water display water as the necessity it is. Where would we be without this clear liquid? The answer is unknown. But one thing is for certain water is needed in this lifetime either has a drink at mealtime or as crisp afternoon sip after a run. Water cannot be replaced by sodas, sports drinks, alcohol, or any other beverage. Water has a category of its own, and it’s called hydration.

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