The Best Sex Positions

by Robert Phillips
couple making love standing against the wall man has been using Progentra for a while

Sometimes, your regular bedroom routine can get a little boring. This is because most couples are not very adventurous, at least not in the bedroom. If you are looking to spice things up, here are a few new sex positions to try tonight.

The Cat

This is a closer version of your standard missionary position. Your body will be further up and to one side. Your chest will be closer to her shoulders than to her chest. This sex position provides strong clitoral stimulation. More women are able to orgasm with this sex position, and you will too.


Sit on the edge of the bed. Lie back and put your head and shoulders on the ground. The blood will run to your head, your actual head, and it creates a different feeling when you orgasm.


couple getting intimateThis will put her in control of the situation. The woman will be on top and in control of this position. It will provide you a different view and help her to feel her best. You can also have her lay down so that you two are chest to chest. You will both be more likely to orgasm with this position.

Reverse Cowgirl

Lie on your back on the bed, she will be on top again. This time she will be facing away from you. This is another position that puts her in control and can help her to reach orgasm with you.

Hot Seat

You should sit on the edge of a chair or the bed. Your feet should be on the floor, and she should be on your lap. This is a position that puts her in control again and is less demanding than the doggy style alternative.

Pole Position

Lie on your back and bend one of your legs. The other should stay straight. She will be sitting on top of you, with her back to you. She will use your knee as support.

Face Off

Sit on the edge of the bed, or on a chair. You two will be facing each other. She will hold onto you as she sits on your lap. She will be able to move so that you can both get there.

Lazy Man

Sit with your legs out. She will be facing you straddling your waist with her feet on the bed. She will be able to move by bending her knees and using the balls of her feet. This puts her in control and help the two of you maintain intimacy.

The Pretzel

In this position, you will be kneeling. You will straddle one of her legs while she is on her back. The other leg will go around that side of you. She will be able to be relaxed while you get a similar feeling that you get doing doggy style.

The Anvil

She will be lying on her back. You will kneel between her legs. Her legs will be raised so that her calves are on your shoulders. You can move her all around in this position. This angle allows for a deeper penetration.

The Belly Flop

She will be lying face down with her hips raised slightly. For her comfort, you can put a pillow under her hips and belly. You will enter her from behind. This is another alternative to doggy style that you both might like better.

Butter Churner

She will be on her back and you will raise her legs over her head. You will squat over her and begin. Be careful with her as you could hurt her neck in this position.

Ballet Dancer

You will both be standing in this position. You will be facing each other. She will put one of her legs and wrap it around your hip, or at least as high as she can. You will use her leg to pull her closer to you.

The Bicycle

Use the edge of the bed while she is lying on it. Her legs will be raised to her chest and they will be bent as if she was using a bicycle. Grab her ankles and then go for it.

Kitchen Confidential

This is another version of the ballet dancer. She will wrap her legs around your butt or your thighs while she is sitting on the kitchen counter. You will be able to get it on easily.

couple getting intimate in the pool at nightAquaman’s Delight

You will do this position in water. This is another version of the ballet dancer. She will wrap her legs around you, and with the buoyancy, it may make it easier for the two of you to perform this position.


This is a standing position. She will have her hands on the floor and her legs around your waist. She will be facing the floor. You will be able to begin as soon as she is raised to the right height.

Seated Wheelbarrow

If a regular wheelbarrow is a little much, you can also try the position sitting down. You will be sitting on the edge of the bed instead of standing.

Crouching Tiger

She will be on all fours on the edge of the bed. She will have to arch her back to give you access. You will be able to enter from the back.

Drop the Soap

She will be facing the countertop in a bathroom. You will enter her from behind. By using the bathroom, you two will be able to maintain eye contact in the mirror for a more intimate touch.


This is the most practical and commonly practiced position. This position is especially intimate. You two will be face to face. You are in control when it comes to this position. Skin to skin contact will be at its height with position. There is a reason it is the most commonly done position ever.

The Spoon

You will both be on your side. Her butt with be against your crotch. Her knees will be bent and she will arch her back so that you can gain access. You will be able to gain access from behind. It is a good position to use in the mornings.

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