The Brilliance Of Leftovers

Leftovers tend to be the scourge of hungry foodies everywhere. The moment you tell them you’re gonna reheat yesterdays limp leftovers is the moment they make their excuses and leave, heading straight to the nearest Mexican takeaway for some proper grub. They don’t want your reheated greens to ever darken their stomachs.

You really should be pitying them because little do they know that leftovers can make some pretty fucking awesome dishes. Indeed, food that has been given the chance to congeal and chill out actually tastes better. After 24 hours of hanging around, waiting to be eaten or binned, a food’s true flavours begin to blossom.

Think of leftovers like vintage wines that get better with age and you’re halfway there. Except, of course, leftovers age much quicker than a fine wine. Like, they go from babies to old people within 24 hours. Leave them any longer and they could make you seriously ill. Eat them when they’re just right, though, and the rewards will be sublime.

Blast Them 

If you slowly reheat your leftovers, you won’t be doing them any favours. You’ll be damaging their essence, killing their tastes – and possibly making yourself a bit ill.

Instead, you’ve gotta reheat leftovers quickly. Get to the point and blast ‘em with a high heat. It’s exactly how they want to be treated, see.

Splash Them With Stock 

You’ve gotta make sure you’re putting safety first when it comes to reheating leftovers, but you’ve also gotta make sure that taste comes a close second.

Unfortunately, the reheating process can kill the flavours by making the foods too dry. To ensure that the moisture is reabsorbed, you could do a lot worse than splash some chicken stock over the top.


To really enhance the greatness of leftovers, we suggest sprinkling them with tasty treats, such as basil or olive oil. If you’re reheating leftover fish, why not chuck on some lemon juice?

As good as leftovers are, they do need a helping hand too.

Forget The Microwave 

The microwave is a really convenient way of reheating leftover food. Like, super convenient.

But it doesn’t really do a good job, and you might end up with soggy and dry foods as opposed to a culinary masterpiece. Use a microwave to reheat your leftovers and we really can’t blame your friends for running scare to the nearest takeaway.

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