Tips for Better Sex

by Robert Phillips
lovers making love, passionate kiss

Even experienced men can use some tips for the bedroom every now and then. If you want to become a master lover, follow these tips!

It Isn’t a Race. Remember when it comes to sex, it isn’t a race. You are also there to please your partner as much as they are there to please you. Remember the slower you go, the longer the sex lasts.

Give Her Some Time. Women don’t get off as easily as men. Even if they are into you, its just anatomy. Remember that if you want morning sex, its better not to rush her, as she will not be in the mood being rushed. Make sure that you are giving her, and yourself, enough time.

Change it up a Little. Instead of just doing the same old same old, make sure that you are changing it up. It can get very boring to do the same thing over and over again. Remember it may feel great to you, but she might just be sitting there waiting for you to finish.

Exercise Together. Exercising releases “feel good” endorphins. With these released she will be more than happy to jump into bed with you. Remember this may not work every time, but it still raises the chances! By the way, your sweat gives off distinct chemicals that will spike her arousal.

Give Her Compliments. Women love compliments, even the ones who don’t know how to take them well. Make sure that you are using multiple senses when giving her a compliment. For example, don’t just say, “you have nice breasts” say instead something more intimate.

Find the G-Spot. Once you’ve found that, its game over. Don’t be afraid to explore her as you search for it. Trust me, once it is found, she’ll have a hard time saying no. It’s like the ultimate turn on switch, but remember if she just doesn’t want to, don’t force her.

couple in bed, whispering dirty talkWhat Does She Want to Hear? Take this into consideration when you guys go to bed. Make sure that you are saying things that you know she wants to hear. This will help you to create an experience that she will want to revisit again and again.

Write Her a Letter. This may seem old fashioned, but she will love that. It’s something personal that she will be able to hold onto. Make sure that it is a love letter, not just a bunch of nonsense. She will feel as if you truly cherish her and that will reflect in the bedroom.

Don’t Just Focus on the Genitals. Make sure that you are exploring different parts of her body. She will appreciate this, and you may appreciate her exploring also. This will help to make the moment last longer and feel much more intimate.

“Talk Dirty to Me” Depending on your partner, this talk may differ slightly. Make sure that you ease into it instead of going full out right away. This is another way to help coax her into the bedroom, as she will be happy to hear these things. Make sure to not go overboard, because that can definitely ruin the moment for the both of you.

Hold Her Hand. This may not apply to the bedroom so much, but hold your girl’s hand, for goodness sake. This will make her feel like you truly care about her, especially when you two are out and about. It shows her that you are dedicated to her and want to show her off.

Try New Positions. If you’re a guy that likes to do the same position every time, remember that this can get very boring for her. Make sure that you are trying to change it up each time so that she can also get the feeling that you have.

lovers kissing on floor, man touching womanJust Kiss Her, Man. Sometimes all that matters is a kiss. This can show her that you truly love her. It might not end in the bedroom, but it can make her feel special. Don’t try to go for second base either, just kiss your girl.

Be Passionate. Every woman loves a passionate man. It ignites some sort of fire in her. It makes her feel as if you truly want her and only her. Passion also means that you are not distracted, and this is only for her.

Anticipation. Create some anticipation for her. This will help the both of you as you both wait impatiently for the bedroom. You will both be excited to come home and see each other. It will definitely spice things up in the bedroom.

Whisper to Her in Public. This will also create anticipation as you two will be out in public. Depending on your partner, they may want to rush straight home. You will create sexual tension that both of you will be able to hold onto until you get home.

Take Her Shopping. If you want to spice things up, go into that lingerie store with her. Take charge and show her things that you want to see her in. Pick out a few things as she browses. This will get her excited to wear it for you. Don’t forget to pay for it at the end, as that will create even more sexual tension.

Have Sex in Different Places. I’m not telling you to go out and get a public indecency ticket, but by having sex in the same bed, you are bound to stick to the same habits. When you are in new places, you will more likely to try new things.

Chocolate. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac. Plus, who doesn’t love chocolate? This will help to turn her on in the bedroom and increase her sex drive, along with yours.

Take it Slow. Ask her to take it slow. Women, as said above, take a longer time to climax, and if you remind her to take it slow, she will see that as invitation for her pleasure not just yours. She will appreciate taking it slow, and you will too.

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