Tongkat Ali Review: Is it Effective?

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Tongkat Ali Summary

Tongkat Ali is one of the most popular ingredients in many types of supplements today. It is said to be a natural testosterone booster which explains why it is found in muscle building and erectile dysfunction aids.

Tongkat Ali is sometimes found in formulas for weight control supplements as it is believed to increase certain fat burning mechanisms in the body. This herb is not just used to address and correct male health issues, but female conditions as well.

Some supplement manufacturers design formulas with Tongkat Ali aimed at preventing and battling cancer. Another claim is that it has the ability to increase fertility. This analysis is to take a look at these claims and determine the facts.

Tongkat AliOrigin and Aliases

Testosterone booster

EurycomaLongifolia Jack;Longjack; Malaysian Ginseng; Natural Viagra; Pasak Bumi; and Indonesia Ginseng are a handful of names that Tongkat Ali is known as. This is a flowering plant that is native to Indonesia; Malaysia; Thailand; Vietnam; and Laos.

The root of this flowering plant has been used in Asian folk medicine for centuries. Indigenous peoples most commonly made a tea from its bark and roots. This tea was used to treat a wide selection of health conditions.

Tongkat Ali Activity

Tongkat Ali boosts the body’s testosterone production and when it reaches the peak which is considered natural is blocks the signal telling it to decrease the level. It is believed to enhance strength; elevate muscle cell synthesis; boost the libido; and increase fat burning rates.

This plant has properties known as quassinoids which have demonstrated anti-malarial actions. It acts as a cortisol inhibitor which allows the body to better deal with daily chronic stress. Extracts from this shrub contain beta-carboline alkaloids which have been shown to be significantly cytotoxicto cancer cells

Tongkat Ali Pros and Cons

Male health issues

Tongkat Ali Pros

There are a number of studies performed by scientists across the globe proving the efficacy of Tongkat Ali.

These are not just claims, but have scientific data backing them.

Tongkat Ali is widely available.

It is sold in many forms making it easy to avoid the taste.

There are many positive user posts about its effectiveness.

Tongkat Ali Cons

Consuming more than recommended can cause insomnia.

The properties in this plant can cause increased irritability.

Some users experience restlessness after ingesting large amounts.

A number of folks said that high concentrations gave them hot-flashes.

It is said to have an extremely bitter taste.

Note: It is very important to understand that exceeding recommended amounts of anything can produce adverse effects.

Tongkat Ali Shop Tips

Look for the type of Tongkat Ali as the root extract is more potent.

Check to see where it is obtained and the manufacturing practices of the supplier.

Indonesian Tongkat is said to be better than the Malaysiancounterpart.

Tongkat Ali Conclusion

Tongkat Ali has undergone numerous clinical trials for the various claims of efficacy. The data for these studies are widely available across the web. It is also easily obtainable and prices range from inexpensive to outrageous.