Top Health Concerns for Men

When it comes to checking the general state of their health, men and women have basically the same checklist. But there is a big difference between the sexes when it comes to healthy living and life expectancy. The sad truth is that women outlive most men by about six years. This is probably due to the fact that men drink and feel stress more often but rarely visit their doctors.

Luckily, health services for both men and women have improved by leaps and bounds. A lot more men are living longer now. Now it just boils down to how each individual takes control of their health so that they stay healthy during their later years.

Heart Health

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death for both sexes but is twice as fatal to men. This should be a wake-up call for men to seriously think of what lifestyle changes he can do to minimize the risk of getting heart disease. Simple changes like exercising regularly or eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains can go a long way to ensure the heart is healthy.

The risk of having a stroke or a heart attack is higher in men with high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Men over 40 should consult their doctor and be tested for these symptoms. This holds especially true for men with a family history of heart disease or high cholesterol.

Avoiding the Big C

Another leading cause of death is cancer and about 50% more men than women die from the big C. Men are especially vulnerable to colon and lung cancer.

Some nutrition experts believe that several types of this devastating disease are the direct result of our diets. People with a western diet are at greater risk of developing cancer due to the high intake of sugars and fats. Staying away from cigarettes and getting regular checkups are good ways to reduce the risk of cancer.

Prostate Health Check

The health of their prostate is one crucial area that men should pay particular attention to. The statistics are quite alarming – about a quarter of a million western men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year and 1/3 of men 50 years old and above will experience some kind of prostate problem. Early detection is vital when it comes to battling any type of cancer. Urinary problems caused by an enlargement of the prostate can be a symptom of prostate cancer. Once a man hits 40, he should be getting yearly prostate exams. A healthy diet that’s rich in fruits, vegetables and lean proteins is advisable.

Get Vaccinated

Vaccinations are just as important for older people as it is for children. Your doctor will suggest getting a flu vaccine every year once you reach the age of 50 and a one- time shot of the pneumococcal vaccine after 65. This is to protect older people from pneumonia.

Living a long and fruitful life is much easier now. But everybody should take a more active and responsible role in maintaining their health.

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