True Slim Tea Review

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Introducing the Product

Master herbalist Li-Si-Zhen created and developed True Slim Tea. This is a tea that’s formulated using natural herbs like Bamboo Leaf to create positive effects in the digestive system. These benefits are minimized bloating and fat deposits, as well as boosted metabolism. Drinking the tea regularly will guarantee the said benefits. This tea is safe for consumption as it has been endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is also a fact that Li-Si-Zhen was the one who compiled the Encyclopedia of Herbs that helped other herbalists in the world.

Potent Components


Natural Oriental Herbs

Product Illustration

True Slim Tea Components

Composed of herbal blends, True Slim tea is highly useful as a weight-loss support, primarily because it improves your bowel movements. This then results to the rinsing of the colon and the purging of toxins. Instructions are simple. One cup after a meal and make sure you don’t exceed two cups. This is strongly discouraged for possible negative effects, so stick to only 1-2 cups daily. Go to to order. Regular tea (30 bags) costs $4.29 and extra strength tea (12 bags) costs $2.99.

Positive Notes

Li-Si-Zhen, a celebrated herbalist, considered the master, is the one behind True Slim Tea

Thanks to secure payment checkout, you can place orders and make payments with your peace of mind intact

There’s no limit as delivery to other countries is available

There’s more than one option, other than regular tea, there’s the extra strength

Formulation has no caffeine

True Slim Tea’s price is fair and reasonable

Negative Notes

Accessible data with regards True Slim Tea is lacking

Risk-free use of the product and free trials are not present

The components used in the product’s formulation are not individually indicated

No confirmation of whether there are contraindications or not

Further and elaborate information on each of the ingredient would be valuable

Is True Slim Tea Genuinely Effective?

Weight Loss Tea

The product, which is basically composed of herbs, ensures the well-being of the digestive system. Available in regular and extra strength, this tea helps a great deal by making your metabolism faster, your digestive system cleaner and fat deposits gone.  Despite all this, the fact that these claims aren’t clinically tested cannot be ignored. It doesn’t help that information on the product and its ingredients are limited.

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