Vexxum Review – Is it Worth it?

Vexxum Review – Is it Worth it?

Vexxum Review

Jekyll and Hyde—the two products created by Pro Supps—have been making their mark in the workout crowd, but there’s also a fat-burning product called Vexxum that has been released. This product intrigued us, so we decided to take a look. The formula, so they say, only requires you to take one pill per day that will last throughout the entire 24-hour period. It’s a concentrated formula that is created to provide weight loss from every angle and it’s also made with nootropics to add that feel-good quality we all so enjoy. While giving you a boost in mood, it is also said to boost metabolism while burning fat and cutting your appetite down.

Lotus seed extractSo, you’re probably wondering which ingredients are making this happen. The basis of Vexxum is three different types of caffeine. First, there’s Caffeine Anhydrous which you would normally get when you drink coffee. Then, you’ve got Caffeine Citrate that comes on quicker than traditional caffeine, and finally, Infinergy (Dicaffeine Malate) which is buffered caffeine that is a little less abrasive on your stomach. It’s fashioned as a proprietary blend so we aren’t positive what the exact amounts of each one are, but we do know that overall the entire formula amounts to 627mg and has 11 ingredients altogether.

The full list of ingredients includes: Lotus Seed Extract (antioxidant fat-burner), Theacrine (stimulant), Hordenine HCL (adrenaline release), Octopamine HCL (fat-burner), Yohimbe Bark Extract (stimulant), Sulbutiamine (nootropic for increasing neurotransmitters to improve mood and focus), and Rauwolfia Vomitoria Root Extract (form of Yohimbe).

YohimbeThe recommended dosage for Vexxum is one dose per day taken with food until you are able to handle it on an empty stomach. And the nice thing about Vexxum is that a bottle will last over a month, making it a pretty affordable and economical option. To its disadvantage, however, we think there may be one too many stimulants in this formula for some to handle and the addition of Yohimbe makes it slightly dangerous due to potential side effects which many people do experience. It’s not even available in some countries which prohibit the use of Yohimbe altogether. So that’s a negative, but you can purchase Vexxum online through various retailers like Amazon, Pro Supps official website,, etc. The price is going to vary depending on your source with Amazon being the cheapest at about $25 a bottle.

So if you’re looking for a stimulant of some kind that will help you burn more fat while improving your mood, Vexxum is definitely worth it if you can find it at a cheaper price point like the price at $25/bottle. There’s nothing extraordinary or unique about this product so I wouldn’t expect to be rocketing through your roof with enthusiasm over the effects, but it’s a decent product for a good price that does offer some stimulant qualities and overall increase in mood, focus, and performance. Just be careful as Yohimbe can truly have some terrible side effects that can make you regret taking just one pill. Be sure to take it on a full stomach the first time just to gauge your tolerance. And let us know your results!

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