Ways to Guarantee You’ll be Hangover Free

Ways to Guarantee You’ll be Hangover Free - Menlivehealthy

While we know the best guarantee you’ll be hangover free is to stay sober, we also know you are going to drink anyway. There is nothing worse than nursing a hangover at a work or a family event. So, stop moaning in the face of sunlight on a Saturday morning; never cringe at the sound of your alarm again. Stop laying in bed feeling like a Mac truck must have hit you the night before. Here are some easy pre-gaming moves and drinking tip to help you prevent a hangover.

Eat Up

While you may not want to feel full bellied at the bar, it is a good idea to eat a full meal before a night out on the town. It is important that this meal is well balanced containing protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Hangovers are directly related to how you metabolize alcohol, not necessarily the amount you drink. That being said, it is crucial that you eat a good amount before a night of drinking, a well-balanced meal can help your body process alcohol more efficiently. Fat slows the body’s absorption of alcohol, so if you are really in a rush simply soak a piece of bread and olive oil for a high fat, carbohydrate-based snack.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water before and while drinking is important. Keeping hydration levels high enough to prevent a headache caused by dehydration. Have one glass of water in between every drink. This will also help you pace your drinking.

Take a Siesta

Before going out, pre-gaming with a nap can help your body strengthen its immunity against a hangover. Sleep is important to your body’s ability to metabolize alcohol properly. It can also help you feel more refreshed from a long day and ready to party.

Pop a Multi-Vitamin

Multi-vitamins are full of the essential nutrients your body needs to help metabolize alcohol. Hangovers are not only caused by dehydration that is a total myth. Hangovers are also caused by inflammation and oxidative stress. The antioxidants found in Multi-vitamins can help to alleviate that stress, preventing your hangover. Now there is even a way to stay hydrated and get your vitamins, mix a packet of Emergen-C into your water to kill two birds with one stone. Emergen-C is also great for getting electrolytes in with vitamins and minerals.

Say “no” to Champagne

It’s easy especially at weddings to knock back a bunch of those tiny glasses of champagne. The beverage’s effervescence makes you get drunk much faster. This accelerated absorption process makes for notoriously brutal hangovers. So, make your toast and then put your glass back down.

Have What She’s Having

We get it, you are manly and love aged scotches and fine whiskeys, but you should really have what she’s having. You’ve seen it all before, a gaggle of chicks ordering strictly vodka seltzers to keep their trim figures. Well guess what clear liquor mix drinks with seltzer or tonic mixers are not only low in calories, they also are easier for your body to metabolize than dark liquors and sugary juices. Seltzer in particular can help speed up the body’s alcohol metabolism.

Go for the Top Shelf

Top shelf, quality liquor has less impurities and toxins than well drinks may contain. You also may tend to drink less and pace yourself more when splurging on an expensive beverage.

Take an Anti-Inflammatory

Pop an ibuprofen before hitting the hay. Many hangover symptoms have to do with inflammation in the body, by preemptively taking an anti-inflammatory you can prevent a lot of these symptoms from ever occurring.


Gatorade has a lot of sugar and artificial flavorings in addition to electrolytes that you just don’t need. Reach for some C-H20, also known as, coconut water. Coconut water is low in sugar, high in potassium, and serves as a great all-natural electrolyte source to restore your body the morning after. It’s a great idea to also sip coconut water continuously through out your night of drinking to keep your hydration and electrolyte levels up.

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