What Male sexual enhancer contains?

Male sexual enhancement pills are getting increasingly popular but very few know about their ingredients and how they work in helping you getting rid of sexual dysfunctions. Although there are many male sexual enhancement pills introduced by many different brands but most of them contains some common ingredients necessary for enhancing male sex drive and treating sexual dysfunctions.

Bioperine or piperine

Bioperine is an alkaloid which is mainly found in black pepper and is widely used in making male sexual enhancing drugs. It helps your body to take maximum advantage of the available nutrients in your body. So, if this element is present in your sexual enhancer then you can have a lot of sexual stamina without taking any help from external vitamin or mineral supplements.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)

DHEA is one of the most important ingredients of male sexual hormones. Considered as the building blocks of male sex hormones, DHEA increases the levels of testosterone once inside your body. This increasing level of testosterone then helps you in treating your erectile dysfunctions quickly. It also helps in increasing your sexual stamina and makes you more virile.

Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed)

First discovered by the goat herders in China, Epimedium is a very strong male sexual herb. Its main component is icariin, which enhances the levels of nitric oxide in your body to a great extent. This nitric oxide then expands the blood vessels in your body allowing your muscles to draw in more blood. It is considered as a male sexual enhancer because of its ability to help relax the smooth muscles present in your penis. When relaxed, the smooth muscles expand so quickly that it leads to an erection that is bigger than you normally have. So, epimedium is largely used in male sexual enhancer and is especially useful for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.


This is another herb which is widely used in the manufacture of male sexual enhancement pills. Damiana’s main function is to treat erectile dysfunction as it can influence your central nervous system in order to get you an erection. So, when people with erectile dysfunction take sexual enhancers containing Damiana, they find their ability to get an erection coming back to them.

Gingko leaf

Gingko is a famous Chinese herb which has been in use in China as a male sexual enhancer for over a thousand years. This herb has an ability to increase blood flow to your reproductive organ which makes its muscles expand and respond to sexual stimulation by giving an erection. Besides this, Gingko leaf also prevents blood clotting and prevents cell damage caused by aging.

Vitamin E and Folic acid

Your body needs vitamins and minerals for functioning properly and during sexual activities it feels the need for nutrients more than ever. Folic acid has been known as an important component in the production of red blood cells and if taken in combination with Vitamin E, it can work wonder for your sex life. These two components together can give you long lasting erections and an increased sexual stamina. That is why, majority of male sexual enhancement pills contain a good quantity of folic acid and Vitamin E.

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