What The Mirror Can Tell You About Your Health

Men tend to use the mirror to see how good they’re looking. We usually use the mirror to see if our hair is straight, and whether we’ve managed to shave properly. We use it to prepare ourselves for a date or a night out. We don’t usually use it see whether or not we’re on a straight road toward heart disease.

But there is a lot you can learn about the state of your health by looking into the mirror and having a good body observation. You can learn whether you really are susceptible to heart disease, or whether there is a good chance you’re going to develop diabetes. It sounds scary – and it kinda is – but the good thing is that by learning how to spot warning signs, we are better able to prevent bad things from actually happening.

Short Legs and a Long Upper Body 

When we see short footballers – like Lionel Messi – we can see how their short legs give them a lower centre of gravity and excellent ball control. But when we see how short our own legs are, we should begin to consider the 15 year research that has suggested short legs and a longer upper body increase the possibility of heart disease.

George Davey Smith, physician at the University of Bristol in England says, “there is a directly proportional risk between leg length and heart disease.”

Waist Bigger Than Hips 

Men who are apple-shaped (their waist is bigger than their hips) have a higher chance of developing heart disease. No one is quite sure why is, but an easy solution to getting rid of the apple-shape is to just stick to the apples and leave out the strudel.

Moreover, the dreaded apple-shape has also been linked to type-2 diabetes. So if you start looking like an apple, you’re gonna have to do something about it.

Funny Ears 

Okay, not “funny” ears as such, but if your earlobe happens to have a deep, long crease down the middle, you’re either a hobbit, or you’ve got a higher chance of developing heart disease. Again, doctors aren’t too sure why this is, but it’s certainly something to look out for.

Bloodshot Eyes 

If your eyes are too bloodshot, it could simply mean that you need to lay off the aspirin. If you happen to have a hangover in future, just stick to a fat-soaked fry-up and avoid reaching for the medicine cabinet.

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