What Your Favorite Sex Position Says How You Are Feeling

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Physically, there’s a lot to sex. There’s the bobbling around in the dark; the naked, sweaty bodies; the grunts and thrusts; the acrobat-style positions; and the orgasm — if you’re lucky.

I couldn’t agree more with Oscar Wilde when he said, “Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”

Sex, behind the sweatiness, the thrusting and the feeling of sweet, final release, it is also about power dynamics, emotions and personalities.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be as serious as it sounds. The best love-making sessions involve a giant release of inhibitions.

In the bedroom, you may take on a new persona, become a monster version of yourself or you may remain exactly the same.

No matter what, sex is all about going with exactly how you feel in the moment, with someone who’s willing and excited to let you act upon those feelings.

And, though you probably won’t realize it, your chosen sex position will reflect exactly how you’re feeling, whether it’s shy, lazy, affectionate, confident, frisky and/or anything in between.


You wants intimacy if this is your thing.  Missionary gets a bad critisicm or being boring and unoriginal, but there’s nothing bad about staring into your partner’s eyes or experience constant full-body contact and maximum levels of kissing, caressing and tenderness.

Yet, while missionary is very intimate, sex therapist Ava Cadell said that though missionary is romantic, it is not very adventurous as well.

Sex educator Dr. Charlie Glickman tells Cosmo, women who love this position may also be a feeling little bit reserved or shy. It make the man dominant and gives a woman freedom to be a bit more passive in the bedroom, if she prefers.


A man who likes his woman on top is feeling selfless. He’s a generous gentleman who’s concerned with his partner’s sexual needs. This is noteworthy, especially considering there’s a risk cowgirl could injure his penis.

Cadell says this position gives a man the chance to be both submissive and dominant. He’s either letting his woman take control of her pleasure or he’s allowing himself to penetrate her as deeply as possible to maximize her chance of orgasm.

Either way, he’s totally OK with doing anything he can to make his woman feel good and loves when her man prefers this position. It gives her a chance to call the shots, have power over her pleasure and, best of all, put her entire body on display for him.

Reverse Cowgirl

It’s a revealing position, but it’s one offering a woman lots of control over the speed and depth of penetration. It also provides a particularly great view for a man.

Doggy Style

You’re feeling raw and animalistic, and you’re choosing to forgo those intimate face-to-face moments for some good ol’ fashioned penetrating.

With doggy style, a man gets the deepest penetration, and a woman gets the most direct stimulation of her G-spot. Therefore, when you engage in this position, you’re placing more value on the physical benefits of sex than the emotional benefits.


If you’re feeling particularly friendly and affectionate, you’ll enjoy having sex while spooning – position for a man to whisper sweet nothings in a woman’s ear, too.

Spooning is already an intimate, romantic act in that it allows a man to wrap his whole body around a woman and engage in lots of close physical contact; so once sex is thrown in, it’s brought to a whole new level.


This position means you’re feeling adventurous. As you actually need to leave the bed to have sex while standing, the position feels naughty even standing up somewhere else in the bedroom can be the spice you’re looking for in your sexual relationship.

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