What’s in that protein shake?

Protein shakes are essential catalysts to any muscle-building regimen. It can be found in the diet of almost every professionally competitive athlete. If you wish to take your fitness regimen to the next level, consider adding protein shakes to your diet.

Why protein?

Protein is an essential nutrient for building muscle mass. It contains amino acids, which builds muscle mass. Although you can source protein from a variety of food, including meat, adding a consistent source of protein to your diet can significantly improve the way your body develops through exercise. Getting protein through protein shakes is a convenient way of getting the right amount of protein to match your targeted body weight.

Types of protein shakes

Whey protein

Whey is a by-product of cheese from milk, which is a fantastic source of protein. Whey protein shakes are the most common of the protein shakes available in the market, and it’s also light on the budget. Whey protein shakes are a top choice for athletes who want to build muscle mass. Since whey is a milk product, it’s quite palatable, and you can mix-and-match flavors with whey protein shakes. Due to its milk origin, whey protein shakes may react adversely with gastric acids, which cause frequent flatulence. To add, people who are lactose intolerant would need to look for another source of protein.

Soy protein

Soy products have always been fantastic alternatives for milk products, including whey. Soy protein is a great alternative for people who are sensitive to milk and whey products. It typically costs more, but it is quite just as palatable as whey protein.

Casein protein

Casein is a type of protein that breaks down longer than typical whey protein. Casein can take up to 7 hours to fully break down, which keeps your body processing and absorbing the nutrients even during your sleep. Casein is a top choice for people who are looking to get more out of their workout since it keeps on working your muscles long after you’ve finished drinking your protein shake.

Hydrolysate protein

Hydrolysate protein is probably the most expensive type of protein available in the market today, and it also offers the highest quality of protein your body can absorb. This is a top choice for athletes who want to compete at a high level.

Egg albumin

Back in the day, the primary source of protein for athletes was egg albumin, or egg whites. Egg whites are power-packed with protein that can help build muscle mass the natural way. You can take egg albumin anytime during the day, but it probably isn’t the best choice to take at night.


Protein shakes are not weight loss drinks that would burn fat without working out. Protein shakes help your body develop body mass, so taking protein shakes without exercising would simply lead to weight gain. It’s also helpful to understand that many protein shakes have additives to make them more palatable. Read through the nutrition facts and stay away from protein shake products that are high in fat and sugar.

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