Why Anal Sex Is Easy

A healthy sexual interaction

Many guys fantasise about anal sex, and according to a national sexual health survey by Indiana University, around half of us have attempted it.

Note the word “attempted.”

This is because not everyone enjoys it. Indeed, their first attempt scars them so much that they never try it again. And we think this is a very sad thing because anal sex, when done right, can be a very pleasurable thing, for both the man and the woman.

The main reason why people try anal sex and end up hating it is because the woman feels intense pain. Naturally, she isn’t gonna want to feel that kind of discomfort again. You know, female sexual health is just as important as male sexual health. But there are ways to make anal sex more comfortable and thus pleasurable for your partner.


Communication is very important when we’re undertake crucial ventures in life, such as moving house, quitting our jobs – and trying anal sex. If you’re curious about anal sex and really want to give it a shot, we suggest broaching the subject at a very choice moment, such as after great sex.

If you broach the subject at a very bad moment – for example, if your girlfriend is really down in the dumps – she’ll think you’re bored with your sex life.

Be Sober

Never try anal sex when pissed. If you’ve had a few jars, you’re not gonna be in any kind of mood to stop or accommodate her when she says it’s starting to hurt.

Instead, you should be sober iso that your can more accurately observe how she’s feeling. Anal sex is a big deal, and you need your thinking cap on.

Have A Shower First

We recommend that not only do you get properly lathered up before indulging in anal sex – but that you also shower together. This not only ensures that you’re both nice and clean, but it also gives you a chance to get her in the mood for anal sex by fondling her around her anus.

Ask For Permission

Let’s say you’ve asked about anal sex and she’s agreed. So the next time it comes round to sex, you might be forgiven for assuming you can just dive straight in there.

Nope, you can’t. Instead, you’ve gotta be respectful and ask if she’s ready.

Lube Her Up

Lots of women say that anal sex hurts, and one way to prevent it hurting is to lube her up. You can use either a water or silicone-based lubricant to grease the tracks and ensure that both you and your partner have a pain-free time of it.

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