Why Women Look Great Without Makeup

Naked women are sexy. There’s no arguing with that fact. But what about naked female faces? Are they sexy too? Or do we prefer it when women plaster their faces in makeup?

A study in the UK recently showed that we like our women to look natural, and find that find natural looks are sexier than “artificial” looks which are enhanced by makeup.

Of course, we’re staunch defenders of both. We like our women natural, but we also like them when they get their makeup just right. And we also prefer it when women feel confident about either. After all, it’s up to them how they look, right?

Not convinced that a naked face can be gorgeous? Let’s take a look at a few reasons why women without makeup can be incredibly sexy.

No Makeup Suggests Confidence

And confidence is really sexy. Any woman who is confident enough to wear a bare face in public is a woman who feels really comfortable with herself. And we think that’s sexy as hell.

Naked Faces Suggest Intimacy

And there’s nothing we like better than a bit of intimacy with our partner. You see, not everyone is gonna get the chance to see your woman without her makeup, so when she goes “naked” for you, take it as a compliment that she’s comfortable with you. This can work wonders for improving sexual performance.

She’s Down To Earth

As opposed to snobby and arrogant. A bare face indeed suggests that a woman is friendly, likeable and approachable. They’re the kind of women who could be friends with anyone, and they clearly don’t care about making themselves look great for all occasions. And we think this is sexy.

Women who feel the need to constantly cake themselves in makeup? Hmm, not exactly approachable, are they?

She’s Showing Your Her Natural Beauty

When a woman wears makeup all the time, you don’t get the chance to properly assess how healthy she is because she’s hiding her blemishes and wrinkles. Guys are notorious for wanting to know what a woman looks like under the embellishments, and by baring all, she’s showing you exactly how healthy she is.

Less Is Always More

Whenever your woman steps out of the shower, she has that natural look going on – and she looks great. It’s sexy, and this is exactly what you get 24/7 when she’s not wearing makeup. There are no embellishments – it’s just 100% her.

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