Why You’re Still Not Strong Enough

4 Reasons Why You’re Still Not Strong Enough

Are you trying to get strong but nothing’s happening? Do you believe you’ve been putting in the right amount of effort only to see no results for it? Aww gee, we know how you feel.

One of the fundamental reasons many people fail to get strong is that they just don’t prioritise it. They know that strength has many uses; for example, strength means you can pick up big boxes, hold your own on the playing field, and help give your friend’s car a push when it’s broken down.

Yet despite these benefits, too many of us still don’t prioritise getting strong – despite saying we wanna be stronger! So we piss and moan about it, without actually doing anything about it. Stuck in our tried and tested ways, we find ourselves getting weaker.

Man, that wasn’t supposed to happen!

You’re Doing Too Much

If you’re still not getting stronger, it can be easy to get so frustrated that you do more. Like, twice more. You begin to believe that if you train more – like every single day – you’ll get stronger. After all, it makes sense, right?

Nope. It doesn’t make sense.

See, if you train so much that you end up shattered all the time, you’re basically zapping your strength. Tiredness = loss of strength.

Fuck, we figured that equation out back in first grade. Instead, you need to let your body rest and recover. De-load your week, decrease your total number of reps. Give your body the chance to have a break, dude.

You Haven’t Mastered The Basics

What are the basics?

  • Deadlifts
  • Squats
  • Row
  • Chin-up
  • Push-up

We all know them, and yet many of us skip them. If you focused on these and omitted the fluffy stuff – 14 sets of bicep curls? Behave – you’d see vast improvements. These basics essentially force you to get stronger, and not only do you have to learn them, you’ve also gotta master them.

You Don’t Lift Enough Heavy Stuff

Ever heard of the concept of three sets of ten reps? Of course you have. You’re probably an adherent of it.

It’s nonsense, though. Any strength you gain from these 3×10’s is short-lived. It’s fleeting, bud. What you need instead are 3-5 repetitions that focus much more on long-term strength. You’ve got a lot of options open to you, including 5×5, 8×3, 4×4 and so on. Have some with it, and you’ll be amazed at how stronger you get.

As an example, we recommend Trap Bar Deadlift – 3×5.

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