Zytenz Research Institute Male Enhancement Review: Is it Effective?

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Zytenz Research Institute Male Enhancement Summary

The Zytenz Research Institute says that their formula contains clinically tested ingredients. They claim it improves erection frequency; increases the quality; and stimulates the libido.

They also assert that this product enhances sperm health; amplifies motility; and magnifies count. The company further insists that it intensifies sexual performance; elevates desire; and maximizes recovery time.

Zytenz Research Institute Male Enhancement Ingredients and Functions


Niacin, or B3, increases penile circulation and triggers anti-inflammatory actions. Two of the main causes of ED are poor circulation and inflammation. B3 also promotes smooth muscle relaxation and incites androgen production.

Catuaba is obtained from the bark of a Brazilian tree and it has a firm place in history as well. It can help you increase your stamina and boost your libido. It is said to simulate your nervous system and raise your energy levels.

The phenol Trans-Resveratrol encourages the manufacture of testosterone while simultaneously depressing estrogen synthesis. It also aids guys in maximizing recovery and enhances the of their repair of muscle cells.

157bD-Aspartic Acid is an extremely important amino acid that plays a crucial role in the development of healthy sperm and sex hormones. It is said to boost both testosterone and the human growth hormone.

L-Arginine is an amino acid which is known to boost testosterone, nitric oxide levels, and promote healthy circulation. These increases have been scientifically shown to increase the size and firmness of erections.

Avena Sativa is nicknamed Oat Straw and has been used a medicine in ancient cultures for numerous decades. This is in part due to its effect on luteinizing hormones and its ability to incite testosterone production.

Maca Root has been proven to stimulate sexual desire; build stamina; and kick energy level butt. It offers many benefits for those suffering from ED, Low T, or who wish to increase intense training gains.

Zytenz Research Institute Male Enhancement Dosage

The package instructs users to consume three capsules every night or just before physical activity.

Zytenz Research Institute Male Enhancement Pros and Cons

Zytenz Research Institute Male Enhancement Pros

This company provides a 90-day money back guarantee.

There are positive consumer testimonials for this product.

Multi-purchases include a free gift.

The manufacturer’s page provides a live chat tool.

The individual ingredients in this formula have been clinically confirmed.

Zytenz Research Institute Male Enhancement Cons

Most all of the user reviews are posted on the official page.

This formula contains shellfish.

Consumers must use one complete bottle before requesting refunds.

Customers also must call the manufacturer prior to shipping returns.

The end product has never been scientifically tried.

Zytenz Research Institute Male Enhancement Shop Spot

A 30-day supply of this product can be purchased from the official website for $40. A 60-day supply is $75 and the 90-day supply is $100.

Zytenz Research Institute Male Enhancement Conclusion

This is not an advisable supplement purchase as the only place where customer reviews can be read is the company website and consumers must get approval for refunds.

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